You know the feeling.

That moment when your doorbell rings, and you weren’t expecting guests.  Maybe it’s noon and you’re still in your pajamas.

Your frantic eyes sweep the floor of the living room and return with a mental dustpan filled with remnants of the kids’ pajamas, a used, crumpled up tissue, a marker without a cap, an unmarried flip flop that longs to be wed, a handful of runaway Cheerios …

You cringe, and turn your attention to the unannounced visitor waiting on the other (cleaner) side of the door.

It has happened to me.  It happened to Lisa-Jo Baker, too.  In that moment, we’re faced with a choice, aren’t we?

“Panic or delight.

Fear of appearances or fully opening my arms to one of my favorite friends.

Picking up the backyard or inviting her boys to join the well-loved chaos.

Stressing the stains or surrounding ourselves with toys, kids, and enough time to catch up.

Frantically planning something to cook or ordering pizza and slicing a watermelon.” ~ Lisa-Jo Baker

When it happens to you, what do you choose?

Panic or delight?

What defines your home?

This is Day 23 of ‘Defining Home in 31 Days.’  Click here for a complete list of posts in this series. 

Photo credit: BazzaDaRambler