Life, Life and More Life - Wendy van Eyck

It is my pleasure to commend Wendy van Eyck’s new e-book, “Life, Life and more Life: Thoughts on Making Every Moment Count.”

I “met” Wendy via, a site to which we both contribute.  I felt an immediate bond to her as soon as I found out that she was South African.  Then my heart went out to her ten times more when I learned of the trials she is currently enduring.

In her book, Wendy shares about how her husband was diagnosed with cancer shortly after they were married.  Within the span of a few concise words, their reality was turned upside down.

Yet thus far, the Lord has been faithful to keep them, to sustain them, and even to grow them in their faith, and in their love for Him and each other.

Throughout the chapters of Life, Life and More Life, van Eyck shares of the many lessons she has learned from God during this ongoing trial.

I must admit, the wisdom she has gleaned from the experiences that the Lord has given her, coupled with the promises from God’s Word, is inspirational.

With sentence after sentence, I found myself nodding, “yes … yes …” in agreement as I read the nuggets of wisdom and spiritual insight she has discovered while supporting her cancer-stricken husband as he endures chemotherapy treatments and even a bone marrow transplant.

Wendy’s transparency, honesty and dependence on the Lord are refreshing and beautiful to read.

To get her free e-book, visit her site, I Love Devotionals, by clicking here.

May her story build you up and bring much glory to God.

You can also follow Wendy on Twitter @wendyvaneyck.