broken are the shards of glass that cut the soles of those who trod oh-so-carefully amidst jagged edges and harsh words lashed

broken are the sobs of the survivors, forgotten in the dark solitude behind closed doors, floors strewn with soggy, wadded tissues

broken are the notes of praise, the claims of great is thy faithfulness in the face of fresh soil scooped up and tossed into newly dug graves

broken are the fragments of bread that get passed from pew to pew the world over, pieces of one body that unites those who believe

broken was the body, for you, for me, that day, on the cross

broken no longer, but whole, forever

the perfect fulfillment of a promise that can never, ever be broken


“… this is my body, broken for you … do this in remembrance of me …”


this post was written in conjunction with lisa-jo baker’s five-minute friday … this week’s one-word writing prompt was ‘broken’ …  find lisa-jo at and join the party …