One morning in high school, I was running late for school (surprise, surprise).  I had a presentation later in the day, so I had to wear something halfway decent.  I scrounged around for the burgundy button-down shirt I planned to wear – and found it languishing at the bottom of my ironing pile, looking as though it had been chewed by a cow.

After a quick glance through the window to check the weather, I grabbed a black cardigan to throw over the shirt after I had ironed it.  Time was not on my side, so I took a short cut – one which I thought was brilliant at the time.

Knowing I was going to wear the cardigan on top of the shirt, I saved time by ironing only the parts of the shirt that would be visible after the cardigan was on.

Ingenious, right?

Well, my plan would’ve been successful if the weather hadn’t changed on me.

The previously chilly morning morphed into a scorcher of an afternoon. 

There I was, during the peak of my presentation in front of a classroom full of peers, sweltering in my black cardigan – and I couldn’t take it off!  The entire back side of my shirt was an abomination of wrinkles.

That day, I learned my lesson the hard way.

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Photo credit: Sporkist, Flickr Creative Commons