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Yes, I was inspired by the fact that I attended my kids’ spring concert this evening. 🙂

Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO.


“I got the solo,” she announced nonchalantly after school last week.

Tonight she stood front and center on the stage in front of the microphone, her petite frame exuding confidence and poise.

And she nailed it.

How is she nearly 12 years old? How is she slipping into womanhood, right between my fingers?

She and a friend went babysitting yesterday. Babysitting. This afternoon we drove out of the grocery store parking lot and I saw kiddie pools for sale outside.

We’re never going to need those again.

After the concert she went out for ice cream with friends. She’s becoming her own person. She’s finding her voice in the world.

It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and amazing to watch, all at the same time.

But she still comes home and can’t wait to tell me everything, and every once in a while I still catch her looking at me like she really cares what I have to say.

I turn off her bedroom light, say goodnight, and just like every other night when my hand reaches the doorknob, she says,

“Will you sing?”




The grand finale in the concert this evening was this song, Stand Together, by Jim Papoulis. I actually teared up as I watched the whole school, Grades K-7 standing together and singing these moving words: 



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25 thoughts on “five minute friday :: sing

  1. Awww, Kate. We were on the same wavelength, only I meandered a bit more. 🙂 I love your beautiful post as you watch your daughter on the brink of womanhood. They grow so quickly, don’t they?! Keep singing to your girl and encouraging her. It’s a gift to have her telling you about her days!

  2. How many ways did I love the word prompt this morning as I sat at the keyboard. And, oh the thoughts that traveled between these two ears!!! You know how once in a while your own words just nail it? That happened this morning! Thanks Kate – my girl is 48 and I still sing to her!!!!

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  4. I love this. Definitely went a similar direction, my girls are grown now so my perspective is hindsight. Enjoy the sweetness of a daughter who sings : )

  5. okay… so that brought tears to my eyes! Yes, they grow up all too soon and we miss what used to be but at the same time am so proud of what they are becoming!

    I love that my girls still like to talk to me and that they now are becoming good friends. Yes, I’m still their mom and I still pull the parent card when need be but it’s nice to have their friendship, to have “adult” conversations with them and enjoy their company!

    So proud of her for finding her voice and singing it out!

  6. This is m first visit to your blog. I found you through another blogger’s link to Five Minute Friday. I may join up next week.

    This is a lovely, heart-tugging post. Yes, our precious children grow up so fast. Mine are now in their mid twenties…and they were just toddlers last year!

    May you continue to enjoy these sweet and wonderful years with children in your home.

    Patti @ Joy in the Middle

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  8. Love this, Kate. It sounds like you have a special relationship that will weather the storm of her growing into her own woman. Blessings on your Sabbath.

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