We’ve come to another Easter weekend.

And it’s so easy to just go through the motions, to walk past the pastel-colored Easter baskets and candy-coated chocolate eggs on our way to the toilet paper aisle.

It’s so easy to just be thankful for the day off from school on Good Friday so we don’t have to set alarms.

But if that’s all we see … we’re missing everything.

If the entire world were polled, I have a suspicion that a large segment of the population — if not the majority — would describe themselves as “empty.”

Would you?

I read reports of celebrities who, in the world’s eyes, “had it all” — and still felt hollow and unsatisfied inside.

It makes me so sad, when we miss the One who offers to fill us up, to pour His abundant grace and love into us, to literally fill us with His Holy Spirit.

As Christians, we should be anything but empty.


Because the tomb is.



I did things a bit backwards this week for Five Minute Friday … The words above are my offering, written in five minutes flat, for our weekly link-up.

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Praying that all of you have a blessed Easter, friends! So grateful for each one of you!


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23 thoughts on “five minute friday :: empty

  1. Such great words, Kate. As I read your post, I thought about what I read in Ecclesiastes this morning. Solomon’s words resonated with the futility of life lived without God. I’m thankful He fills the mundane things in our days. That He adds depth of purpose to otherwise empty tasks.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Kate,
    beautiful. I feel like you’re reading my mind. That celebrity hollow was in my “enough” post last week and tied in a little this week as well. And yet, we came at it from completely different angles! 😀
    God is so good. Hope you can see my post this week, I have a new song I’m sharing that was given to me yesterday. It feels so good to be writing music again!
    (#2 this week)

  3. I like your little twist in the setup this week, Kate. Tweet Chat was not working for me last night so I left the party early. To answer your question I do not order our groceries online but there are so many who do and love it – you might want to consider it and save yourself the time! I cannot even imagine the convenience it would have been as a single mom with three kids and a house and a job!!! (way back when!) Have a blessed and holy celebration of the Resurrection. HE IS RISEN! The tomb is EMPTY!

  4. […] Every Friday we unite for five minutes to write on one word. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on empty. […]

  5. Love the twist, Kate and amen to it all. I understand (just learned this week) that the eggs were originally dyed red in remembrance of Jesus’ death, but even so I am not a big fan of traditions. Where ever the crowd runs I always seem to run the other way hmm. But I love Jesus and my mind still can’t wrap around Him leaving a perfect Kingdom for us. I shake my head and am grateful, yet feel my gratefulness isn’t good enough. It is in these times I pour my heart out like David, and He draws me in saying, the relationship is what he wanted. He saved our relationship AND our souls!

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