What are you craving?

I mean, besides Lindt chocolate or a hot fudge sundae, what are you really craving, deep in your soul?

To be known? To be loved? To not be alone?

I think deep down, behind the scenes, in our heart of hearts, we all have a longing for connection, am I right?

That’s one reason I’m SO excited about the upcoming release of this book, Craving Connection.


Craving Connection

I’ve known about this gem since April and have been DYING to tell you about it!

Listen, if you’re a woman — I don’t care how young or old — you want this book. And if you’re a man reading this — well, do yourself a favor and jump on this opportunity to bless a special lady in your life … your mom, your sister, your wife.

It’s that good.


Craving Connection

I had the amazing privilege to contribute a chapter in this book, alongside some of the women writers I admire most.


I cannot overemphasize how much you are going to love this collection! It’s chock full of gorgeous writing, heartfelt challenges, and practical ways to connect more deeply with God, your friends, and your community.

And the best news? Pre-order between now and December 15 and get a free Friendship Gift Pack from (in)courage!


Craving Connection

So in honor of the soon-to-be released Craving Connection and because I just can’t contain my excitement, this week’s Five Minute Friday word is:




If you’re new here, welcome! Learn all about the fabulous Five Minute Friday community here.

And yes, I totally changed things up this week and did it all backwards and wrote my five minutes right in the beginning before I even formally announced the prompt. So there you go.

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Can’t wait to see what you share in five minutes on the word, CRAVE!

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20 thoughts on “craving connection :: a new book! {five minute friday :: crave}

  1. I am so excited about the new book, Craving Connection! I pre-ordered my book today! I think it is a book that I need and that will be helpful for me. Thanks for contributing to this project! I look forward to reading your words in this book.

    Blessings and joy,

  2. Kate, this sounds like a wonderful book! How exciting that you got to write a chapter in it! I’m definitely going to see if this one is in the budget. 🙂 I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! By the way, this was a great word for the week!

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