Hi everyone!

Happy September!

And if you’re in America, happy Labor Day weekend! What are your plans?

Whether you’re traveling, working, or relaxing, you’re gonna want to check out this fabulous sale over at DaySpring.com:




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You can actually custom make any word you want using DaySpring’s Letterpress Block set! So fun, hey?

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Okay, enough gushing. It’s time to write!


This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:






Ready? GO!


This song by Lauren Daigle has been making my heart bleed every time I hear it on the radio:



The chorus goes like this:

When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!


And then of course I can’t listen to the lyrics without thinking about one of my favorite passages of Scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6 —

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

He will make your paths straight.

Did you hear that?

How often I lean on my own understanding before leaning on Him. How often I attempt to pour cement where it doesn’t belong instead of waiting for Him to clear the debris from my path.


On sale for only $4.99 at DaySpring.com! Click image for link.
On sale for only $4.99 at DaySpring.com! Click image for link.


Life is full of so many complications, so many choices, so many tough decisions. And yet these verses and the song above tell us all we need to know, don’t they?

Put your trust in Jesus Christ, and you need not worry which way to walk, or what may lie around the next bend. He’s got you covered.

If you’re in a season of transition, unknowns, or indecision, I hope this song and this passage will center you and help you to lean hard on the One who holds all things in the palm of His hand.




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29 thoughts on “five minute friday :: path {plus an amazing DaySpring sale!}

  1. I love that song. It has been one of my anthems in the season I have been going through this summer. It calms the flood of emotions. I feel like I have been in a stand still for the past three months. I have no idea what step to take. But I will trust in Him who has the path ahead and has it all under control.
    Thank you so much Kate!

    • Praying for you, Mollie! I appreciate your honesty, and trust that one day you’ll be able to look back in this season and see one set of footprints in the sand and realize that God has been carrying you, friend! Much love.

  2. Kate, that song has gotten under the surfaces of my heart too. It speaks such truth, honesty, and hope. It’ll probably show up in one of my posts . . . one of these days. 🙂

    Prov 3:5-6 is one of my favorite passages. I love that God will guide us. And I love that He loves us enough to wait until we ask for His help because then He can truly lavish us with His love. Great post tonight!

  3. We sang this at church when I was on the worship team. It makes me get chills each time. I also love the wood letter and have been eyeballing them too. At $15 that IS a good path,..I mean, a good deal! Thanks for hosting, Kate!

  4. Yes to the song! I had to quote the Proverbs 3 scripture too, well, “just because.” My life has taken so many side roads that it is a joy to finally be on the right path…His path. My footing is sure and extremely safe! xo

  5. […] Every Friday we unite for five minutes to write on one word. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on path. Go […]

  6. Hi Kate! Loved your words, as usual! And I’m guilty of “pouring cement where it doesn’t belong” – so true. And so poetic. Fun to be here again! It’s been a while 🙂 xoxo

  7. Kate, I heard that song for the first time recently and boy did it speak to my heart. So grateful for today’s word prompt as it sure prompted me to reflect on the goodness of our God, leading us even when we cannot see Him. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. That’s a very popular song lately! Yes, acknowledging Him every moment and understanding God is good no matter what our flesh world seems to show us, makes for a straight path to internal peace doesn’t it? Lovely items you have shown here too today!

  9. Hi Kate,

    Love Lauren Daigle (I have her CD…yes, I’m a dino who still uses CDs) and I also love the letterblock words on sale–got them both, as both Trust and Brave are two words that are very meaningful in my life right now.

    Just fyi, when I try to add the code for your FMF button, blogger started warning me that it could cause a security issue when someone viewed my post via https? Not sure what that means, but thought you’d like to know. It’s only given me that warning the last few times I’ve tried to post.


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