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Sometimes I exhale a loud sigh and find myself asking, “Why can’t anything be easy?! Why does everything have to be so difficult?!”

Of course, I know the answer. I know the origin of my frustration traces all the way back to the Garden of Eden, when the world fell under the curse and toil became sweat. When labor became a literal pain in the neck.

But I still let it get the best of me, especially on those days when everything just seems to go wrong. Or those days when I’m standing at a fork in the road, and the arrow on the signpost has been faded by the sun, and I can’t see which way I’m supposed to go. And I just want the answer to be clear, in neon flashing lights, or obnoxious and jumping up and down like Donkey in Shrek: “Pick me! Pick me!”

But my God never promised a life of ease. In fact, He promised quite the opposite: “In this world, you will have trouble.” Yes. I’ve noticed.

BUT. There’s a but. “Take heart, for I have overcome the world.”


Then I look at my Lord, who spoke this life-giving promise. He didn’t take the easy road. He said the hard things. He did the hardest thing of all, by taking my sins upon Himself in the most gruesome of deaths.

If I’m honest, the times I’m most aware of God’s presence are the seasons of greatest difficulty. The days lacking ease. So I thank God for hardship, if it means He’s making me look more like His Son.




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36 thoughts on “five minute friday :: easy

  1. Love this Kate.
    What a great reminder that “Jesus didn’t choose the easy road.”
    As parents who care how our children turn out, we are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted sometimes because it’s not easy. Yet, they have brought us so much closer to Jesus. We’ve prayed in joy, in frustration, in concern, in sheer desperation.
    I agree with you that in times of difficulty, we’re most aware of God’s presence.
    I hope to encourage my students (and my children) not to settle for the easy road. It’s not worthwhile.
    Now all these images from the illustrated Pilgrim’s Progress are coming to mind.
    You are delightful, Kate!
    Thank you!!

  2. Kate, I loved your post. Too often, I fall into the faulty thinking that things SHOULD be easy. But, most of the time, things are harder than expected. I believe God’s express purpose in allowing this is so that this independent girl will learn to lean on Him in all things. And, like you said at the end of your post, it’s when things are most difficult that I see Him the most clearly. Yes and amen.

  3. Isn’t it quite shameful, really, that we do have to wait until our times of greatest need to notice His doings? (I often always admonish myself for tripping up on this one)

  4. Yes! I want the signpost in the road and the easy way, too (I’m glad I’m not the only one who longs for that some times). But that chapter from Isaiah always pops into my head when I’m feeling weary and grumpy about the troubles in this world. God doesn’t promise us an easy life, but he promises to give us strength when we’re weary.

  5. […] Every Friday we unite for five minutes to write on one word. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on easy. Go. […]

  6. Kate, I’m laughing with you at: “Pick me! Pick me!” I can relate so much. Yes, why do the hard days have to be so hard? And the easy ones so inconsequentially un-character-building? I’m reminded Jesus’ yoke is light (not easy).

    • I suppose the easy ones have the potential to be character-building, if we really asked God to open our eyes to see. Maybe? Just a thought that came to mind after reading your comment. Because even in the mundane, He refines. But yes, I totally hear you and agree! Thanks for being here again, Christina!

  7. I feel the same way! The more difficult seasons of my life have been the most effective in drawing me to the Lord. It’s encouraging to know there is a purpose for the trials… that at least I will be growing in my faith through them, if I step aside and let the Lord work!

  8. I’m really getting to understand the ‘gruesome death’ bit. Today was ghastly.

    But He is holding a lamp over the door that leads to the other side, to the place where pain’s gone and my strength will be restored.

    I can live, and die, with that.

    • His Word is a lamp to our feet. Sounds like you’re seeing that in a whole new way. So sorry to hear of your continued suffering. Thank you for your ongoing testimony.

  9. Thank you for this. Great reminder of where my eyes need to be in the difficult times — like the past two days trying to deal with WordPress 😀 He is faithful. Always. Blessings!

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