It’s my pleasure to welcome Kaitlyn Bouchillon to this space today. Kaitlyn is a member of the Five Minute Friday community, and we even got to meet in person at the Five Minute Friday retreat in Nashville in 2015! Kaitlyn is the real deal. So full of wisdom and genuine encouragement.

Her brand new book, Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the In Between, is now available! Thank you, Kaitlyn, for sharing these uplifting words of truth with us today!



With Easter approaching, I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about those three important days.

Good Friday: The very worst, terrible, horrific and dark day in history.

Saturday: The in between of silence and confusion.

Sunday: The resurrection of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of promises-kept, the most joyful day known to man.

The more I sit and think about these days, the more I find myself attaching certain times of my life to each one.

A brain tumor diagnosis at age seventeen? Good Friday.

Being declared cancer-free? Sunday.

Spiritual warfare and depression? Good Friday.

Seeing a relationship reconcile after four years of unanswered prayers? Sunday.

But most of the time, if I’m being honest, I’m living in a Saturday season. I’m somewhere in between darkness and light, questions and answers. I’m holding onto what I believe to be true and I have faith that He will remain faithful, and yet my life feels chaotic, relationships are difficult, my to-do list is miles long and I forget how this story is going to end.

We know that our Savior is victorious but even still, Saturday exists. There is silence. There is confusion. There is weeping and we are full of questions because everything has changed so very unexpectedly. What then? Where do we turn in the in between?

Because most of us, if we got real honest with ourselves, would say that we are the Saturday people, a mixture of grief and hope walking toward an uncertain tomorrow.

And yet, Sunday is coming. It probably won’t look like what we’re imagining, but our Savior is a promise-keeping promise-maker.

We can trust the unknown of the future to the God we know is authoring its pages.





That doesn’t make it brighter or happier, I know. But, it does give us a reason to hold onto Hope.

Jesus is good and gracious and mighty and merciful. He is power and promise and even in the times that feel wild and vast and unsure, He is there. He is the God of Already’s even when we’re in the thick of it.




We will walk through seasons of Good Fridays and we will live most of our life in an in between, clinging to hope and truth while believing that Sunday is just around the corner. And it is. Sunday is coming because Jesus is coming back for us. And so we will hold tight to Hope, trusting that the One writing the story of our lives will not make one single mistake. We will be the Saturday people who look expectedly toward Sunday.



Lord, may we be faithful in this in between as You have been faithful to us in every season. Thank You for coming for us, choosing to walk with us, and promising to return again. In the dead of night, You slipped into the world You made. You stepped into the darkness and promised to be the Light. In every in between, as we live with questions and trust that You’re the answer, please help us to keep our eyes on You, giving You glory in every season.


Psst … The “He Is There” print is a free download {one of many!} for Kaitlyn’s blog subscribers.


Kaitlin Bouchillon

Kaitlyn Bouchillon is an author and blogger who believes every person is a walking story and every story matters. Her first book, Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between, released in early 2016. She loves writing – blogs, books, and handwritten letters – is addicted to queso, and is crazy about her people. She currently splits her time between Starbucks and her cute little apartment in Birmingham, Alabama.



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5 thoughts on “we are the saturday people :: an easter reflection from kaitlyn bouchillon

  1. This: “He is power and promise and even in the times that feel wild and vast and unsure, He is there.” Amen!! Isn’t that the life of faith. I’ve been working my way through the Old Testament and have been so encouraged by the many men and women of faith, who were used mightily by God, precisely in their weaknesses, in confessing the Good Friday hard and doubt of their lives – often angrily (Job, Jeremiah, David…). Realizing that God actually wants us to get desperate for Him, to realize what this life is all about and JUST how powerful He is. Am particularly being encouraged by Jeremiah right now.

    Thank you, Kate, for sharing Kaitlyn’s words.BTW Hallelujah and glory be to God for the healing of cancer. My Mum died of a brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme), but precisely in that most awful time God’s Presence was most palpable.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Anna! Love hearing how God is challenging you at this time. Thank you for your presence in this place! Always a delight to see your name appear. Blessings to you.

  2. Kaitlyn,

    So grateful for the hope found in Christ’s resurrection. I have found this to be true: “It probably won’t look like what we’re imagining, but our Savior is a promise-keeping promise-maker.” This is funny but I referenced Kim Gunderson’s post on a silent Saturday in my post today 🙂

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