Wow, you guys SHOWED UP last week to write on the word HOPE!

I loved scrolling through your beautiful, hope-filled words. Such an encouragement! Keep up the great work!

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So .. three weeks from today, I’ll be in Nashville! Yay!

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Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Bouchillon
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Bouchillon

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This week, our Five Minute Friday prompt is:




Ready? GO.


In twelve days, we put over 2,500 miles on the car.

It was fabulous.

We hit the major historical sites of New England — an educational tour, of sorts.

We gazed up at the Statue of Liberty in all her glory.




We stepped into history in the halls of Ellis Island, where numbers upon numbers of bodies packed in, peering over shoulders and foreheads in hopes of glimpsing a better life.



We stood solemnly before the 9/11 memorial — a sobering and moving experience. We arched our necks back and gaped at One World Trade Center.

And we remembered.







We walked miles in one of my favorite cities, keeping our feet on the red bricks of Boston’s famous Freedom Trail.

We stepped on battlefields in Concord and on Bunker Hill, where lives were lost, and some spared.





We sat in Old North Church and heard the Declaration of Independence read aloud on the 4th of July. We caught the fireworks from a rooftop deck and oohed and aahed over the booming show.


It is for


And all the while, I thanked my God — not only for soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives and fight for our freedom, but most of all, for the gift of His Son.




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49 thoughts on “five minute friday :: free

  1. Oh Kate, I love this! I can remember going to the NY Police Officer’s museum and hearing the 911 calls and the reading of the list of those killed on 9/11 and just bawling, and seeing the huge gapping hole that was left in the ground at the World Trade Center site. I would love to see the new tower and the memorial.
    That must have been a powerful thing to hear the Declaration of Independence being read aloud! I would have loved to be there too! Beautiful pictures! Thank you for this glimpse into these places!

  2. Kate,
    what beautiful pictures. Your post was full of life and hope. I was thinking about freedom the past couple of days and your prompt was free. So timely. The part that I loved was the reading of the Declaration in the old church on the 4th of July. It made me tingle. 🙂
    And, so somber the remembrance of 9/11.
    Thank you again for sharing your time with us every week! This has become such a joy.

  3. My boys are taking this same trip with their grandparents at the end of the month. I can’t wait for them to see the memorial and the statue of liberty. What a wonderful thing for your family to experience together. Thanks for being such a gracious and inspiring host. 🙂 Blessings~

  4. Looks like you had an amazing trip!

    I appreciate it when authors draw me back to contemplating what Christ has done for me. He set me free. I don’t have to be bound to anything but Him – and being bound to Him is where true freedom is!

  5. What a beautiful trip, Kate! I love your pictures. Love New York, but have never been to Boston. I’ll keep dreaming of going.

    I read the Declaration of Independence aloud to my kids most years on the 4th, and it always makes me cry. How wonderful to think that Christ died to give us ultimate freedom!

  6. […] #FiveMinuteFriday, where we write for the love of the written word. Each week there is a word prompt given on Thursday nights and we are to write for five minutes, unedited and unashamed (I threw that last one in there!) You can read some of the other takes on today’s prompt at Kate Montaung’s! […]

  7. Kate, what a marvelous trip! Love the pictures and the Freedom Trail story. You see, I too walked the entire trail.

    The day AFTER the bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon. Directly across the street from me. Felt the heat. Felt the presence of evil. Had to be FREE. So here’s my free word!

    I’ll link up that story for you to see too. Susan

  8. It has been years since I’ve been to New York city, literally since childhood. Your pictures are beautiful. I remember I had a classmate in first grade whose father was the caretaker of Liberty Island prior to her reaching school-age. Her family actually lived on the island. Imagine! I don’t even know that job still exists! Isn’t it wonderful how travel can be eye-opening and memory-revealing at the same time? Thank you for sharing your family’s adventures and your thoughts. I hope your weekend is restful.

  9. I love this….especially your pictures! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to meeting you in a few short weeks!!!

  10. Kate, loved your photos. What an extraordinary trip. You all are blessed. And, so great for the kids to see these things. Thank you for your faithfulness to FMF! See you in August.

  11. What fun! We got to visit Ellis Island when you youngest son came home, but it was right after 9-11 so we didn’t get to the Statue of Liberty. We were also blessed to do Boston a few years ago. What a GRAND time it looks like you had!

  12. Such a great trip. I followed these steps myself in 1984. It seems so long ago. I love that you honored our military men in the end. It seems so poignant after what happened in your state this week.

  13. […]      My five minutes are now up.  I would be remiss however if I didn’t tell you this – you get to control how you feel and what you think.  You cannot control the things that happen around you.  You can control how you choose to deal with them.  Remind yourself of truth, remind yourself of what things bring you joy, and remind yourself that your God is working for your good.      Hooking up with all the amazing writers of Five Minute Friday.  Where we all write for five minutes on the same prompt – provided by Kate Motaung at […]

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