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This week’s prompt is: 




Ready? GO.


Your eyes were blue when you were born.

I thought it was genetically impossible, since mine are hazel and your dad is black.






But they stayed blue for several months before gradually melting into a gentle hazel, melting me along the way.

Today you’re eight years old.

My youngest. My baby.

You breezed into our family and taught me what the phrase “all boy” looks like. If you have a stick and a patch of dirt, you’re content.



Your first word was “ball.” You slept with a tennis ball in one hand and a cricket bat tucked under the other, for months on end.



You make me laugh every day. Ouma nicknamed you Brains when you were about one, and you’ve lived up to the title.

You think deeply, love deeply, feel deeply.




You’re compassionate and hilarious. Quick-witted and eloquent. Stubborn and determined. Thoughtful and thought-provoking.

You challenge me to notice.

You ask deeper questions than I’ve ever considered.

Your strong will works in your favor more often than not. You’re not a people pleaser. You don’t follow the crowd. You have a mind of your own — and once it’s made up, I’m hard pressed to persuade you otherwise.





May you use these strengths and qualities for good. May God continue to show you how to use the gifts He’s given you for His glory.

And I’ll always be grateful for the gift He’s given me in you.




This week I have a special treat for you … I managed to round up the entire FMF Retreat Planning Committee for a video chat!

Don’t miss this message from Holly Barrett, Mary Geisen and Jen Daugherty:







Special thanks once again to our sponsors, ViBella Jewelry and Fistbump Media!



Also thrilled to Skype with Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig, authors of On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts (Masters in Fine Living Series).





Here’s what the schedule looks like for the retreat weekend:


retreat schedule


Limited spaces are available so book now!



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39 thoughts on “five minute friday :: blue {plus a special video message from the fmf retreat planning committee!}

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your son! He looks like he is a very special young man. May God continue to guide you and your husband as your raise your blue-eyed boy through the next phases of his childhood!

    • I loved going back through so many old pics of him .. hard to pick just a few! Not as hard as choosing a countertop for a new house, though .. 😉 Have fun with that!

  2. Kate — What a beautiful love letter to your son. You should print this post out and give it to him sometime when he’s older.

    The retreat sounds so great! I am still hoping to be able to join you all, but even if I can’t make it, I hope you all have a great and blessed time together!

  3. Happy 8th birthday to your Son. Loved this post. He seems so sweet. I love hard too..with every fiber of my being. So fun to see the video too!

  4. Beautiful post and photos, Kate. It’s always fun to celebrate our little ones! And great video too. Congratulations to all three of you retreat hostesses on the new happenings in each of your lives. Very exciting. May God bless each of you!

  5. Being a boy mom is a special kind of joy, isn’t it? They teach us girls so much about life and what it looks like with a sense of adventure. Happy Birthday to your sweet guy! I know it’s bittersweet to reflect on their precious lives and how quickly they grow – you’ve done a beautiful job here and I pray you savor the celebration.

  6. How neat! I have the mirror story of yours: my beautiful mixed daughter has blue eyes that I prayed for that everyone else said could not happen! I took it as a kiss from God. What a handsome boy you have and a proud momma he has!

  7. I linked up and then came back to read your post. LOL! Our sons share a birthday, today, and both are eight! along with those true blue eyes!! Honestly, I didn’t fully follow all of the linkup rules, this round… but I still wanted (had to ) link up!!
    Too fun!

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