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This week, I’m so excited to have another FMF Intro video to share with all of you! In the video below, Asheritah from OneThingAlone.com interviews FMF community member Jolene Underwood, who blogs at joleneunderwood.com.

This week’s prompt is inspired by their interview, and Jolene’s blog in particular. See if you can figure out why?



Thanks Jolene, for taking the time to share with us!

And to the rest of you … we want to see YOUR pretty face on the screen! Sign up for a slot to be interviewed by Asheritah for our FMF Video Intro series … it’s just five minutes! 🙂 Click here to sign up.


This week’s prompt is:


FMF - Real


Set your timers for five minutes, and get typing!


So an online friend of mine got to meet a real-life friend of mine for the first time this past weekend, at a conference. Afterwards, the online friend posted a comment on my real-life friend’s Facebook page, saying something like: “I can’t believe how perfectly you fit your beautiful online presence in real life!” And it’s so very true, yet it had never really occurred to me before I read her observation. Probably because I’ve known this person in real life, so it made sense that her online presence is so seamlessly “her.” But then it got me wondering … Do people who know me in real life think I “sound” the same on my blog? Is my online presence an accurate reflection of who I really am? I don’t know .. I guess I’d have to ask real life friends who read my posts. But I hope so. I hope that the words that come across this screen are real and genuine and not just a plastered on facade. I hope that what I share here is a fair portrayal, and that those I do have the privilege of meeting one day will think that the two go hand in hand — that they just fit. What about you? Do you feel that your online presence is real? Or is there an element of different-ness about it and the real you?



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38 thoughts on “five minute friday :: real {& a video interview!}

  1. Love the video! So fun to see you, Jolene and hear your voice. Kate, you are so right that we have to be our real selves online…otherwise, we are not being authentic at all. Hmmm…might be another topic for a certain series I’m doing! LOL 🙂

  2. Kate, this post speaks to me. I always seek to be “real” online. And real in “real” life. I hope the two mesh. What a treat for your online friend to meet your real life friend. I hope that’s what people see in me. 🙂

  3. Yeah, well. If you don’t like me here, I can guarantee that you’ll hate me in real life.

    Nice thing about being sick unto death…and I came close a few days ago…there’s nothing to prettify. Blood’s blood, and when you’re bleeding, people will either get down on their knees and help you clean it up.

    Or they won’t.

    Best to learn that quick.

    But if you are in my presence, know this (if you can get past the occasional forays into Tourette’s Mode, and the inquisitive Pit Bulls that always seem to be around)…

    You’re with me, and God has placed you under my care.

    And I will honour your heart, and die to protect you.

    Literally. While death is nothing, honour is EVERYTHING.

    If you still want to meet me, drop by. No appointment needed. The dogs’ll let me know you’re here, and there’s cold Diet Coke waiting.

  4. I am so loving the videos. It was wonderful to see Jolene & to hear her voice. I also watched Karrilee’s which somehow I had missed & enjoyed that one as well! Great word prompt as it really made me think long & hard. I hope I am “real” both in my posts & in life. Only those who know me would be able to tell me if this is so in my life. And I am thinking, today … I may just ask a few 🙂 It is always wonderful to join you here!

  5. I love this, Kate! It’s funny because I just did an interview with Asheritah and I joked about doing it with a Southern Accent because I think most people assume I have one because I use ‘y’all’ a lot when I write! Other than that, though – I hope that is the only misconception… I try to be me, wherever I go – inrl and online!

  6. I’ve thought about being real this way before. Especially since I write about living out my faith on-line, I try to LIVE the same way, that my life would match my words (and vice versa). I want integrity.

    And I’m loving the videos. So fun. Asheritah’s doing a great job.

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