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One fun new feature we’ve added in 2015 is Five Minute Friday Introductions — a series of interviews conducted by the loveable Asheritah of OneThingAlone.com with various members of the FMF community!

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This week I’m thrilled to share with you an interview with Katie Reid, who blogs at The Tightly Wound Woman.

Katie has a special place in my heart for many reasons. For one, she and I got to meet in person just a couple of weeks ago! She’s the first FMF community member that I’ve met in real life! (Sorry for the blurry photo — that’s what you get when you give a mediocre phone camera to a nine-year-old .. ) 😉


Katie Reid


Katie is a tenderhearted, generous woman with multiple gifts. Not only is she a writer, but she also sings — and she even has her own CD! How cool is that?! Check it out by clicking here.

Besides writing and singing, Katie also has some fabulous graphic design skills.

She graciously offered to design several images (using photographs she took herself!) to help launch my first e-book, Letters to Grief  — which is FREE all day Friday, February 27th! Get your copy today, by clicking here!

Here are a few of the graphics she designed for me, using quotes from Letters to Grief:


Consistent as Seasons - Katie Reid
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie
Image by Katie Reid, echoesofmyheart.com, Twitter: @ImprintsKatie


Letters to Grief - Final cover

Just because I love you guys so much, Letters to Grief is FREE all day Friday, February 27th.

Spread the word, will you? Maybe you know someone who needs this right now? Someone who is plodding through knee deep grief and struggling to see the sunrise behind the thick layer of clouds?

(And psst .. you don’t need a Kindle to be able to read it! You can get a free Kindle reading app to use on any device, by clicking here.)

Here’s Katie, sharing some wise words and a challenge for all of us:


(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

This week’s prompt is inspired by Katie’s closing words of encouragement in her video, as well as the sweet reminder of our brief time chatting together in person.

So without further ado, I present to you this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt:


FMF - Visit


Ready? GO.


One thing I miss most about living in Africa is the visits.

The spontaneous drop-ins. The don’t-have-to-call-before-you-stop-by’s.

The unexpected knock on the door when the potatoes are at a full boil, and you switch off the stove and turn on the kettle instead and sit and drink tea until you’ve forgotten all about dinner.

I miss the strolling down the street on a sunny evening with a warm breeze and the random popping in at a friend’s house just because, without warning. I miss the standing around, watching as friends flit about, barefoot on cool kitchen tiles, whipping up a red latte just for you, at a moment’s notice. With fancy spray whipped cream, from a can, even.

I miss the sunset chats by the braai with empty two-litres of coke and ashes smoldering and the smell of boerewors lingering in the fragrant coastal air.

I miss the laughing till it hurts, and the laughing some more.



Now it’s your turn! Share your five minutes of free writing on the word VISIT .. (and psst .. don’t forget to VISIT some other blogs to leave words of encouragement!)

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31 thoughts on “five minute friday :: visit {plus a video interview & a free e-book!}

  1. Oh Kate! You and me both. I can’t believe we wrote virtually the same post. lol

    I’ve got to admit there were lots of times I was annoyed with our spontaneous visitors, especially the ones who always managed to arrive during family meal times (even though we ate our meals at all hours of the day, so how they guessed it, I don’t know!). But thinking back, I do miss those spontaneous visits. There’s something beautiful when you slip out of a scheduled life into a go-with-the-flow type life. Thanks for reminding me of all the good things that come along with that.

  2. Oh I just love this interview!! And alllll the talk of visiting! Meeting up with Julie last week was just about the best thing ever, and I really hope to meet a few more of all of these amazing ladies soon!

  3. Oh I love sweet Katie! And yes – I know our culture is so ‘busy’ and drop in’s can cause a bit of a panic – but how I LOVE to fully invest and make time for visiting – whether one on one, or in a group! We are made in His image, and He is SO relational! Love this, Kate!

  4. I loved your description of South African visits, Kate! Reminds me of the Turkish ones I encounter in my daily life, only here it’s Turkish coffee and lokum (Turkish delight) instead of red lattes! And how fun to see Katie Reid here today.

  5. Perfect description of life in Africa! This is how it is and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Ag, shame – why dont we so often carry that attitude with us?

  6. Thanks so much for the gift of your book & the wonderful video and post. I’d love to have “At Homes” and have lots of people visit every week. So happy to be part of Five Minute Friday.

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