Here’s the deal. For over four years, bunches of bloggers have gathered every week to huddle around a prompt word and just write. It’s called Five Minute Friday, and we don’t think about the ins and outs of grammar or spelling or punctuation. We just write.

And it’s glorious.


Five Minute Friday - 4


And when you keep seeing the same lovely faces and hearing the same beautiful voices week after week after week, the seed of community starts to sprout and grow leaves and eventually blossoms into a stunning flower. The roots spread deep and wide and a fresh aroma wafts across the internet. It blooms well beyond expectations.




So far beyond expectations that we’re even dreaming up a weekend retreat (!!!) to gather faces and voices and chocolate together in real life. Can you even imagine?!

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This week’s prompt is: 


FMF - Wait


Set your timer, and let’s GO …


It turns out that waiting can be a very spiritual exercise. A spiritual discipline, even.

A holy hush over respected moments that fill the gap.

Writing has taught me that. Or the lack of writing, I should say. It’s as if the words themselves ask to be waited for. They will come on their clock, not mine. That has been made clear. And when they’re darn well ready, they shall present themselves to be used freely.




So we practice and learn to relish the quiet and take delight even in those hallowed in-betweens, letting the sun do its work before it slips below the horizon we so earnestly seek. And we wait on the One who catches the sun even as it drops out of sight, and holds it in His left palm while we’re cradled in His right, and we rest knowing that all is held.

The now and the then, and the soon-to-be and maybe never will.

It is held, and it is His.



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30 thoughts on “five minute friday :: wait

  1. I know you know where I’m coming from….after life in SA I could’ve gone in many different directions. Such as “nobody knows ‘wait’ until they wait in line at Shoprite at month end”. 🙂 So much waiting in South Africa, physically and spiritually. And thought I sometimes hated it at the time, I treasure the transformation it has made now.

  2. I like this take on waiting…it’s something I’ve actively trained myself away from, and it’s good to see this perspective.

    To say I’ve trained myself away from waiting doesn’t mean it’s smash-and-grab-NOW; on the contrary, if I am in the position of waiting I dismiss the object of the wait from my mind. It will come in its own time, and to actively ‘wait’ for it dilutes the moment at hand.

  3. It absolutely takes practice to wait well. Good thing there is always practicing to do, with just the What changing from time to time.
    I am so glad to have found FMF so many months ago. I may have given up on this blogging thing long ago if it weren’t for you all. <3

  4. Ah yes… that Tom Petty…sometimes the waiting really IS the hardest part! 😉 But it’s the knowing that all the while, we are being held – that is what makes it doable!

  5. Kate,

    I love this perspective on waiting! It helps in a small way to perhaps explain why I found myself wordless so many times in the past months when I sat down intending to write. God’s timing is perfect though and I must trust Him to use my words in His way and His when. Thanks for sharing and creating such a welcoming atmosphere!


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  7. The type A person in me doesn’t want to wait for those words to come, the perfect words for whatever I’m writing. But, when God has me wait for them, that’s when the best words come, because they are the ones God gives for the blog post, or the story, or whatever I’m writing.

    Beautiful post, as usual, Kate!

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  9. Kate- I’m finally linking up and reading your words here. I love this line, “A holy hush over respected moments that fill the gap.” Your gift with imagery always stops me in my tracks. Thanks for another great message and for sharing your heart.

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