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My kids and I went to the park with some friends one sunny afternoon. The mom and I chatted away while the kids chased each other around the playground, playing tag and hide and seek and all manner of goodness.

Then my oldest boy came up to me and said, “Mom, will you get Sam’s mom’s phone number?”

Me, with a crinkled forehead, I’m sure: “Who’s Sam?”

My boy: “I just met him over there. So will you get his mom’s phone number?”

Me, more agitated now, “No! I have no idea who Sam is, or who is mom is, for that matter. Go play.”

Three minutes later, a nice-looking woman and her son come strolling up. “Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m Sam’s mom. Apparently our boys just met on the playground and Sam asked me to come introduce myself.”

As it turned out, I knew the exact house they lived in, we both homeschooled, we were both adoptive (and biological) moms, and shared many other common interests as well.

Long story short, Sam’s mom has become a dear friend of mine — an opportunity I would’ve missed because of my stubborn, “No.”



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