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Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO.


I wavered back and forth.

To write a Mother’s Day post or not to write, that was the question.

I had the words mapped out in my head, but was it really worth drudging them all up to the screen? Would they really benefit anyone, even myself?

I decided to just boycott the idea of Mother’s Day, even though it’s nearly impossible to avoid, with every retail outlet imaginable trying to monopolize on the made up holiday. I planned to look away and let it pass by, unless I could get something out of it for my own benefit, like maybe not having to cook lunch on Sunday.

But then Lisa-Jo Baker went and wrote this post: When You Still Need Your Mom and She’s Not There Anymore.

And it was everything I needed, and more.

Nobody had to tell me how much I miss my mom, and yet it’s hard to articulate what exactly I miss, when it’s everything.

In my memoir revisions, I spent this past week re-working the chapters about my mom’s funeral and the visitation that followed. And I remembered afresh just how amazing she was — not that I’ve forgotten. But it helped to remember that other people knew it, too.

And I realized if I had written about Mother’s Day, I would’ve wanted my words to reflect that I’m grateful for the ache, because it tells me I had something worth missing.



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