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Ready: GO.

When my youngest was born, we named him Caleb, and prayed that he would follow the Lord with his whole heart, just like the Caleb of the Bible.

It’s a tall order — especially in this world where so many voices are vying for our attention, our affection, our souls.

Now I’m writing a memoir about home, and how my heart has been torn for decades — first, through my parents’ divorce, then from an overseas move. I’ve spent my life stretched and displaced, my love spread thin over vast lands and multiple houses.

I read in the Bible about asking God for an “undivided heart,” and I wonder what this means. Especially when I find my loves and longings staggered and scattered over countless people, places and things. Am I doing it wrong? Should I stop caring?

Or maybe it’s all related. Maybe loving God’s people, His places, His things, is just an extension of my love for Him. Maybe if I acknowledge that He is over all and in all and through all, the scattered pieces of my heart become connected, and through Him, I am made whole.

What about you? What does loving God wholeheartedly mean to you?



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