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I hope you all had a blessed Easter! As we peer over the edge into a new month, I pray that April will be an ongoing reminder of resurrection and new life.

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One obvious difference about living in South Africa versus America is the amount of choice. In my ten years living in Cape Town, on every visit back to Michigan, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices thrust in my face.

One September in Cape Town, a black South African couple visited my husband and me for the weekend. When the husband woke up on Saturday morning and shuffled, sleepy-eyed into the kitchen, I bombarded him with questions. “Would you like coffee or tea? Milk and sugar? Eggs? Toast? Do you want porridge? Weetbix?”

The poor guy stared at me, eyes glazed over. Silent. “Kate!” my husband chided. “Just give the man some coffee and bread!”

He was unaccustomed to choice.

Sometimes I see myself in the same way — paralyzed by the options laid before me. I stand at a crossroads, and both paths reveal equal joy and disappointment. My feet are planted, unmoving. I glance left and right, unable to decide.

I wish God would just point a finger, “Go this way.”

Choice is not always a blessing.

The good news is, no matter which way I go, as long as it’s not contrary to His Word, my God goes right along with me. His sovereignty sustains me, covering over my missteps and turning them into my good.




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