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Ready? GO. 

I had one of those “Aha!” moments this week. You know, those moments of enlightenment when something major that’s been right in front of your face the whole time just clicks, and suddenly you can see it.

It happened while I was homeschooling my kids on Monday morning. Not a typical “Aha!” time of the week, but that’s when it happened. The book was supposed to be for them, but really, it was for me.

We were reading about God’s name, and how when Moses asked God who he should say was sending him, God declared that His name is “I AM.” The book we were reading said most scholars agree that “I AM” means “The One Who is Always Present.”

That’s where the “Aha!” came in. Struck me right between the eyes, like a flash of lightning.

I’ve always known that God is always present, but think about how many times in Scripture He uses His presence as the answer to the fears of His people. How many times do we read, “Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, I will be with you. Do not be terrified, for I will be with you wherever you go.”

His presence is His promise.

His presence is the answer. The remedy to all our fears. We need not be afraid, for He is always present.

And it struck me on Monday morning while my eyes were still groggy and the weekend was still wearing off, that we can be like God by being present.

When we’re present for others, we imitate our Lord.

We bear His name when we show up.




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