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Okay, the intermission is over, it’s time to write!

Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO.


“All of life is a dance.”

The words above look nice and sound appealing, but are they really true?

I pondered this phrase for a while, and wavered back and forth in indecision.

All of life could be a dance, but is it possible to dance without smiling? I’m not sure.

Then I think back to the ballets my daughter and I were spoiled to watch in Cape Town. The grace and beauty that filled the stage — but not always with smiles.

There were solemn, somber dances with music that lamented tragedy.

So yes, all of life might be a dance.

The scenes that look like dancing around the Christmas tree to Celine Dion’s album while hanging lights and draping ornaments;

the awkward shuffling of high school post-football game dances;

the giddy line dances and chicken dances and discos of wedding reception rejoicing;

the mournful glide, when all we can do is allow ourselves to be held by the sturdy arms of our heavenly Father and let Him carry us across the stage;

all of these are part of the dance — the holy and fearsome dance called life.

So I suppose only one question remains: If all of life is a dance, who are we dancing for?



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