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We’re on Chapter 9 of this helpful resource by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig.




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Today we’re discussing the theme, ENGAGE — specifically how we interact with other writers, artists and others who support our writing.

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I’d like to start by thanking each of you for your involvement in this group! YOU have been a significant factor in my “engage” story when it comes to writing. I’ve been so encouraged by the way you’ve interacted with each other in the comments.

My only regret is that I haven’t had the time or capacity to reply to each comment or to comment on each of the posts you’ve linked up. Please know that I’ve been reading and enjoying all of your words, stories and perspectives!

Today in the comments and the link-up, here are some themes to consider:

What struggles have you faced when trying to engage with other writers? 

Share some joyful, fulfilling experiences you’ve had while engaging with other writers. 

What communities have you found that help you become a better writer? 

Describe a lonely period in your writing life. 

Have you been blessed to find “your people”? Write about it. 


Here’s the video for this chapter from co-authors Ann and Charity:



One thing I really appreciated from this chapter was the challenge in the “Exploration” section. If you don’t have the book, Ann and Charity write:

“Engaging with others in the writing life goes both ways. Identify three people: a person you could support, a person who supports you, and a community you can both contribute to and draw from. Then, think of three things you can do to support another artist or writer this week, like write a letter to an author or take a peer to lunch.”

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Such a great idea, isn’t it?



In my post on the “Send” chapter, I provided a list of suggestions and links to publications that accept guest posts and submissions.

Since then, a writer friend of mine told me about a great resource called Beyond Your Blog. I started clicking around the other day, and there is a wealth of information regarding potential places to send and submit work. I see they also have a regular podcast, which I’m hoping to check out this week. Click here for more info!

Today I’d like to provide a similar list, but this time suggesting places you might visit to find online community among other writers.

Some of the following are “regular” websites, while others offer weekly link-up opportunities that you might like to get involved in. Link-ups are a great way to visit other bloggers and vice versa.

Either way, I encourage you to click around, get stuck in, read and comment on these great sites as you seek to engage with like-minded writers:

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Tweetspeak Poetry

Write 31 Days

Literacy Musing Mondays with hosts Mary, Ashley, Tami & Leslie

Kelly Balarie :: Ra Ra link-up

Jennifer Dukes Lee :: Tell His Story link-up

Holly Barrett :: Testimony Tuesday link-up

Holley Gerth :: Coffee for Your Heart link-up

Lisha Epperson :: Give Me Grace link-up


And of course, my personal (totally unbiased) favorite is the Five Minute Friday community …



What other resources have you found that you could add to this list?


As we look ahead to Wednesday this week, we’ll be discussing Chapter 10: Plan. Here are some link-up topic suggestions:

Write your own blog post or journal entry on one or more of the following topics: 

Are you an organized, long-term planner when it comes to your writing, or are you a bit more like a tumbleweed, rolling along with the wind? 

Share some of your writing goals, and the steps you need to take to achieve them. 

How has planning ahead served you well? 

What dreams do you have for your writing life? 


For today, the comments and link-up are all yours! How do you engage with other writers who support you in your work? How can you be a support and encouragement to others?

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