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So, I’m actually on the road this week, but I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, because … well … you’re kinda my favorite.

Like road trips.

And ice cream.

So here’s a Five Minute Friday post written and scheduled way in advance, for such a time as this — just for you, dear ones.


Before we start, I’m so excited to introduce you to Tiffany Parry — have you met her yet? She’s delightful.

Check out her blog, Simply for One, and connect with her on Twitter @tiffparry — you won’t regret it!

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This week’s prompt is:





Michigan blueberries and freshly picked apples. Inhaling the orchard’s fragrance like a drug.

Open roads and loud music and singing off key at the top of our lungs.

Hands raised through cracked sun roofs and not a care in the world, but you.

Porch swings and lightning bugs and Boston rooftop fireworks.




Mike’s Pastry in the North End and Regina’s pizza in Faneuil Hall.

Table Mountain in every season, day and night, night and day.

Sushi belts at my disposal, color-coded plates exploding with flavor.

Sandcastles and sunsets and sleeping under the stars. Or maybe staying up all night sifting the sky for meteor showers.

Trampolines and giddy laughter and kids with sticky, happy grins.

And unexpected delights … like grace.

Deep breaths of hot chai and maybe a cookie or four dipped just right.



Ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chocolate sodas from Captain Sundae and sister dates to Chinese buffets.

Xhosa harmonies in church and swaying to the beat in the pews.

But you … You’re my most favorite favorite of all.


Your turn! Go ahead …

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