Did you guys hear about the exciting new endeavor that Lisa-Jo Baker and her 9-year-old son, Jackson, have launched?

It’s called the Ten Dollar Tribe, and YOU’RE INVITED!



Think about the last time you spent ten bucks. Think about how easily we hand over a bill to cover McDonald’s drive-thru, a coffee craving, a Netflix subscription.

Did you know that in some communities in South Africa,

  • $10 will cover a month’s worth of school supplies
  • $10 will buy 100 bowls of porridge for school children
  • $10 will supply two weeks of cooking fuel for a local family
  • $10 will make seven cooked meals
  • $10 will pay a caregiver’s wage for a full day

What are you waiting for? Click over here to join the Ten Dollar Tribe and make a world of difference.



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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:


FMF - When



When You smile favor with the warmth of the sun, and when Your countenance clouds over in blankets of grey;

when You rain down blessings and when Your eye twinkles in the night sky;

when I feel Your breath against my face and when I strain to grasp Your hand;


Psalm 63.3


when Your nearness burns in my chest and when my belly rumbles for Your presence;

when I’m feasting at Your table and when the cupboards are bare;

when You show me the path and when I’ve lost the map;

when the sea is clear and when the water is too murky to see the bottom;

when my clothes are clean and when I’m splattered with muck;


Jeremiah 31.3


when Your voice booms loud against my rib cage and when Your whisper is too soft to be heard;

when Your words soothe and when they taste sour in my mouth;

when I swallow them satisfied and when I push away the spoon;

when You bring me flowers and when they die;

that’s when I love You.


{Third Day performing I’ve Always Loved You}


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