Maybe it’s because I’ve met the author personally.

Maybe it’s because the child she fought to adopt in this riveting book happens to be in my son’s class class at school.

Or maybe it’s just because the account is utterly captivating in its own right.

Whatever the reason, I was completely taken by this woman’s story — a harrowing, true story of dedication and commitment to adopt her son from Ukraine.

In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.

Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom by Kim de Blecourt drew me in from the first page. When the de Blecourt family embarked on their international adoption journey, nobody could have imagined all that they would have to endure.

With each chapter, they hit more and more roadblocks and setbacks. It was a spiritual battle as much as it was a battle with the Ukranian government. As I read the countless hardships and difficulties they faced, all on foreign territory, I was convinced that I would have given up. I would not have had the strength to persevere to the end. When I confessed this to Kim, she said, “It was all God. I would have said the same thing, that I couldn’t have done it. God was what got me through.”

What Kim and her husband Jahn thought would be a short jaunt across the ocean to adopt a child turned into an eleven-month-long nightmare. Jahn eventually had to resume his work in the States, leaving Kim alone in a non-English speaking country to continue the adoption process. Though he returned for two different visits for court appearances, Kim was largely on her own.

Until We All Come Home is the powerful testimony of God’s provision in the midst of a complicated web of corruption and spiritual warfare.

Once she finally returned back home with her newly adopted son, Kim realized the full effect that her experience had on her body, mind and spirit. She says she came home a different woman. After receiving counseling, Kim was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, so severe and traumatic was her prolonged experience.

By God’s grace, Kim has now recovered and is active in promoting adoption and the cause of orphans worldwide.

You can find Kim at her website, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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