Five Minute Friday - 4


Welcome to this week’s edition of Five Minute Friday! If you’re new here, all of the details are right over here.

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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:


FMF - Notice


This one is for you. For when you wonder if it’s worth it. When you’re fresh out of words and just plain tired of typing. When you’re discouraged by low stats or zero pageviews. It’s for when nobody comments after you’ve bled onto the screen and you regret clicking publish.


FMF image 1


You pour out your heart in liquid words. A drink offering. Tonic for the soul.

You hold out the cup with humble hands and wait for a thirsty pilgrim to wander up the dusty road.

But no one comes.

You pour more, richer this time, and people pass by, but don’t stop.

They don’t even look you in the eye.

Finally someone reaches out to accept your gift, swallows it down and walks away without a word. Not even a thank you.

You wonder if it’s worth it. This continual pouring and serving until you’re just about run dry. Why bother? Why give of yourself every day, standing on the roadside with arms lifted palms up?

Then you look up in wonder and the clouds break. In a ray of light He smiles down a well done, good and faithful servant.

And you know that Someone noticed.


Link up your own five minutes of writing below! And don’t forget to stop and take a drink from the person holding out the cup before you. And say thank you.

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