I cringe inwardly as this week’s writing prompt appears on my screen:



My soul winces at the word.

Sometimes I just don’t want to remember.  And yet, how devastated I will be when I actually start to forget.

Then I wordlessly rebuke myself for my defiance, my desire to resist remembering.

Why shouldn’t I remember?

I have so much good to remember.

So much.

An abundance of good.

Then I remember.

I remember what He said.

He said, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

He wants us to remember what He has done, and tell of all His works.


Remember the good and the bad, and be grateful.  Be grateful for grace, for forgiveness, for the hope of eternity.



Sounds like the line they say when we’re about to take part in communion:  “Eat, drink, and be thankful.”

So remember.  Feast on what He has done.  Drink of His grace and His goodness.

And be grateful.

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