I don’t love crowds.


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I’m not claustrophobic or anything, I’m just not crowd-crazy.

I don’t thrive in densely populated environments.

I’d much rather have a quiet, intimate gathering of close friends than a rock concert in a packed stadium.

But whether I’m in the grocery store or the library, church or a sporting event, my life is going to collide with the lives of other people.




The question is how gracefully we’ll respond to these collisions.

Most are pleasant interactions — thankfully. Some may seem mundane. Paying for my groceries, signing a form at the library.

Others might be less pleasant — a disagreement, or a conflict of interests.

I’ve learned from past experience that it’s better to prepare for crises before they hit, not in the midst of them.




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Silence is both friend and foe.

I long for it, and push it away. I relish and despise it.

Silence evokes such a vast cacophony of emotions:

.. the welcome silence when the kids are finally tucked into bed after a rambunctious day;

.. the comfortable silence on a long stretch of road, driver and passenger each lost and content in his own thoughts;

.. the unbridled silence of awe and wonder when taking in the sprawling grandeur of creation.


silence - unsplash


There’s the frustrating, lingering silence that seems to never end while waiting impatiently upon the Lord;

.. the anguishing silence that follows an offense — an icy and effective punishment;

.. the telling silence when the hesitation lasts just a millisecond too long;

.. the peaceful silence of just stopping to listen;

.. the painful silence when one remains behind.

Silence is calming and inflaming;

soothing and seething;

restful and infuriating.

It is insisted and resisted;

welcomed and rejected

.. for silence is both friend and foe.


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Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO.

I used to think I came from a broken family.

From the age of seven, I was carted back and forth every other weekend from mom’s house to dad’s house, and back again.

Back then, in my little conservative, midwest suburb, I was the only kid in my class who had two toothbrushes in two different houses.

Though it became “the norm” for me, it never really felt normal.

Broken should never be normal.

Fast forward a decade and a half.

I jetted across an ocean for a six month stint, and what I found there on the tip of Africa blew me away.

In a small church nestled in the elbow of the city bowl, I found family.

God gave me brothers and sisters in that foreign and faraway place I never could’ve dreamed about. He gave me spiritual fathers and mothers who shaped and nourished me for over a decade.

Through them, I learned that family isn’t broken after all — in Christ, He makes all things whole.




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It’s been a season of sadness. Death upon death. Both premature.

Two Sundays in a row, I woke up to bad news. Horrible news.

An 18-year-old high school graduate in our community. Car crash. Killed instantly.

A six-year-old boy from our church. Brain tumor. Taken home.

The ache permeates the air. Grief is thick. Suffocating.

Heaviness rests upon chests and we heave collectively with shared tears and sighs.

They both died on Sunday mornings.

Sunday. A day of hope. A day of resurrection.

Because they had Christ, we are not overcome.

We weep and mourn — but not as the world grieves. We cling to the cross, the author of hope and the salvation of our souls.

We rest in His hold. We surrender in His grip.

We shed our sorrow and look to the man of sorrow — the God of all comfort, familiar with suffering.

And we have hope. Hope in the One who is coming soon.

Come, Lord Jesus.



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First, some advice from Natalie Goldberg:

Let’s do it.


I dream in color and black and white. I dream in chocolate and sand. 

I dream in still photos and motion pictures. I dream in soundtracks and scores.

I dream of long driveways guarded by trees and houses with no need for locks.

Contagious laughter and unending smiles that span from yesterday until tomorrow.

And all the tomorrows.

I dream of newspapers running out of reality because I dream of heaven.

Gold streets and swaying Xhosa songs and a mansion with plenty of rooms.

I dream of chemotherapy becoming obsolete and ammunition production ceasing altogether.

I dream of holding hands and sitting still and rocking back and forth.

Castles on the shore and handstands in the lake, and “Watch me, Mom! Watch!”

I dream of giggles and bedtime tickles and whispers that crinkle up necks.

I dream in color and black and white. I dream in chocolate and sand.

Come. Dream a little dream with me.






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