Legacy of Mercy by Lynn Austin :: A Review

Legacy of Mercy is a historical novel by Christian fiction author Lynn Austin. It's the sequel to Waves of Mercy, a novel about the early history of the Dutch settlers to Holland, Michigan -- which happens to be my hometown! Please note: Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you choose to click through to Amazon to make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you in advance for your support! I so enjoyed the first book, Waves of Mercy, particularly as a current resident of Holland, Michigan. Not only was I fascinated to learn several true...


All the Colors We Will See :: Book Review

  I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. It’s a collection of essays called All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Way, by Patrice Gopo.     Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. Thanks in advance for your support!   I first met Patrice in Cape Town in 2007, shortly after my youngest was born. We shared a mutual friend, who introduced us while Patrice was in South Africa for ten weeks. As Patrice shared at my book launch reception earlier this year, back then we both assumed our paths had crossed...


On Being a Mom in South Africa {Book Excerpt}

My firstborn turned 13 today, so naturally I'm reflecting on the past thirteen years as her mom, her birth, and what it was like being a mom in South Africa for the first seven years of her life. Here's an excerpt from my memoir, A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging, to give you a taste of how motherhood changed me:    Becoming a mom in South Africa wrapped my identity tight around that far and foreign land. I became more than just a visiting volunteer missionary. I did more than marry a local. I spread my roots and brought forth life in the shade of that vast expanse....


Navigating the Many Phases of Grief :: Interview with Asheritah Ciuciu

If you've experienced loss, you're likely familiar with the many phases of grief that a person can go through. In my recent conversation author Asheritah Ciuciu, we chatted about some of those grief phases, how the Lord is present in the midst of each of them, and how He can use each stage of grief to refine us and grow us into His likeness. Watch the video here:    During our conversation, I confess some of my fears, my lack of acceptance of reality, my lack of trust in God's grace and ability to sustain me, and more. Asheritah asks me, "How has grief changed forms for you in the...


His Grace is Sufficient :: An Excerpt from A Place to Land

  It may not look like it on the surface, but the photograph below captures a sacred moment.     I wrote about this dear friend in my book, A Place to Land. When this photo was taken last week at our church in Cape Town, we hadn't seen each other for more than five years and she hadn't yet read about the impact her story has had on my life. When I went back and read the portion about her in my book after this picture was taken, I was struck by the significance of this moment. As you'll read below, I wrote about standing with my friend, my fellow motherless daughter. I wrote...


Book Recommendations for Your Summer Reading List

Looking for book recommendations for your summer reading list? I hope you'll enjoy this selection of books as much as I have. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you choose to click through to make a purchase, I'll receive a teeny tiny commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for your support!      [Tweet "Book Recommendations for Your Summer Reading List #amreading #books"]   Click each title below to view the Amazon listings:    The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker The Day the Angels Fell is the first book in a two-book YA...


14 Years in an Interracial Marriage: A Reflection

  “People are still looking at us,” my husband said to me as we walked through a Cape Town shopping center yesterday. “Yep,” I replied. “I noticed, as well.” Today marks 14 years since I married a black man.     Related post: I’m a White Girl from Michigan, and I’m #GoingThere   My South African husband and I lived in his home country for the first eight and a half years of our interracial marriage and eventually got used to people looking at us as one of the uncommon mixed race couples in the post-apartheid nation. (I talked about the experience in my podcast...


Day One in Cape Town :: We Feast

This is Part 4 in a four-part series on our arrival in Cape Town, South Africa. Click the following links to read the first three posts:  Part 1: Homecoming: Our Cape Town Arrival After Five Years Away Part 2: Returning Home Part 3: Why We Came: Return to Cape Town   10 June 2018 “I wonder if I can get up on the wall my myself now,” my daughter says, looking up at the wall she remembers sitting on with her dad when she was seven. She’ll be thirteen next month, but the wall is still several inches taller than she is. I watch as she backs up to get a running start. She makes a solid...


Why We Came :: Return to Cape Town

This is Part 3 of the story about our arrival in Cape Town, South Africa after five years living overseas. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  9 June 2018 “This house is like a train!” Kagiso exclaims. “It’s so long!”  It’s the same house he lived in for three years before we got married in 2004. After five and a half years away, he sees it through fresh eyes. We gawk and marvel at all of the changes Mom has made since we’ve been gone—a renovated kitchen, a new dining room set, new floor-length, wall-to-wall curtains. After noticing the new, my kids go in search for the familiar. “Remember...


Returning Home

This is Part 2 of our story returning home to Cape Town after five years living in the States.   Read Part I here.  9 June 2018 I use up the last tissue in my pocket dabbing my eyes and blowing my nose, doing my best to pull myself together before we fall into tight hugs with those waiting for us. We stop at the bathroom and I splash water on my face and sigh at the mirror that reveals my swollen, bloodshot eyes.  We pass without fanfare or incident through passport control—four with South African passports by birth, and me, with permanent resident status. It takes three self-serve...


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