Heading Home Together :: A Guest Blog Series

Welcome to Heading Home Together, a blog series including guest posts relating to home, eternity, longing, and belonging.

This series is in conjunction with the release of the memoir, A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging, now available for purchase.


A Place to Land


Enjoy these moving and inspiration guest posts from the following authors: 

5 Truths about Home {Guest Post by Brenda L. Yoder}

Christ at Home in Me {Guest Post by Katie M. Reid}

Citizens of Heaven {Guest post by Alice William}

On Learning to Live with an Eternal Perspective {Guest Post by Christy Cabe}

Finding Our Place {Guest post by Heidi Wheeler}

Living in the Borderlands {Guest post by Nicole T. Walters}

Unspeakable Joy {Guest post by Del Bates}

When Life is Not Awesome {Guest post by Elizabeth Meyers}

Local Indeed {Guest post by Lindsey Brackett}

Finding Your Sweet Spot {Guest Post by Mary Geisen}



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