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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: 



Here’s Kashoan from KraftyKash to share her five minute free write with us: 

When I decided on the word embrace for 2017, it never crossed my mind that my 17 yr old daughter, Korby, would help me understand the meaning of the word.

This kid of mine does not care what she looks like in a photo. She wants to remember things exactly how they are happening at that very moment. Silly faces, eyes closed, messy hair, burger in your mouth, it doesn’t matter. She takes a photo to document whatever it is that we are doing.

This crazy burger photo was completely her idea. I have never laughed so hard! It will forever be one of my favorite memories.



That is the message that I took away from my 17 yr old daughter, Korby. I love being her Mom.

In case you were wondering… the burgers were delicious.





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Krafty Kash map


Thank you, Kashoan, for your generous support of the Five Minute Friday community!


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Hello, dear Five Minute Friday community!

Welcome back to our weekly challenge. I have some really fun and exciting plans in store for Five Minute Friday in 2017, and I’m so glad you’re here!

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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: 




Since I started working full-time in August, I don’t see my kids as much as I used to, even though I work from home. So tonight when I realized we were in desperate need of a grocery run, I asked my kids, “Who wants to come with me?” I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak — get the necessary chore of shopping done while still spending time with my kids.

Two out of three volunteered to join me. “But I need my book!” they both exclaimed as we climbed into the car.

“No you don’t!” I countered. “You’re supposed to talk to me, not come along so you can read a book!”

“Mom,” my nine-year-old replied. “Some people like the kind of friendship when a friend is just with you.”


The power of presence. 

He won.

It’s so true, isn’t it?

After all, when God was comforting His people in the Old Testament, time and time again, He encouraged them with these words: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.”

When we give our friends the gift of our presence, even if it means sitting quietly by their side, we show them the love of Christ.





This prompt was inspired by the upcoming release of Lisa-Jo Baker’s new book, Never Unfriended:



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This week’s prompt is:




“Live with abandon. Love with abandon. Laugh with abandon,” they say.

But what happens when you’ve boxed yourself in with that same life, that same love, that same laughter? What do you do when you’ve fenced yourself into a tight rectangle of commitments, promises, and “must-do’s”? When the mere thought of abandon would look more like neglect than freedom?

It’s borderline claustrophobic, living in that space. When deadlines loom over every dream until even your sleep is invaded.

And the temptation beckons, “throw it all off, break those chains, give it up …”

But what then? And for what?

So we close our eyes and take a deep breath and recalibrate our definitions ever so slightly until the main thing becomes the main thing and we remember that all will be okay

as long as we never abandon






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This week’s prompt is:


Ready? GO.

I finished a fourth round of revisions on my book this week. I feel good about how it’s coming together, but I naively thought that since it was my fourth round of revisions, I could forego the whole crying part.

But no matter which way you cut it or how many times you return to the page, writing from the depths is emotional work.

I waded through the whole gamut of feelings in just a few short days: tears over the harder parts of my story, elation that I made it to the end, satisfaction of a job well done, then an unexpected emptiness. Much of my book includes my mom’s cancer journey. Spoiler alert: She dies in the end. And as nice as it feels to be at this point in the publishing process, I would always rather have my mom here than a book with my name on it.

I spent the better part of my day wishing this was not my story. Wanting her back. Wanting to give the book contract back in exchange for my mom.

But that’s not the lot I’ve been given.

This is my story. This is my song. And it’s my job to steward it to the best of my ability so that God gets all the glory.

There is purpose in pain, friends.

And while I may not be able to foresee how God might use these feeble, humble words that have been written and re-written and prayed and cried over, I know He has used them to shape and refine me. And His purpose is always perfect.



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We have a new writing prompt every week, and we write fast and furious, for five minutes flat.

This week’s prompt is: 



I’m addicted to busy.

There, I said it.

I have a hard time not doing anything. Even if I’m sitting still, I want to be doing something. I say “yes” to too much, feel bad saying, “no,” and get buzzed off the rush of the race.

But then I hit a wall.

I realize I’ve overcommitted, and I ask myself, Why? 

Why again?

Why am I back in this same space, the space I know isn’t good for me or my family?

I need to learn the practice and discipline of slow.

Slow, deep breathing.

Slow mornings.

Slow Saturdays. Slow drives. Slow strolls.

I need to resist the rush.

I think of Mary and Martha. I’m definitely a Martha. Bustling about, planning this, preparing that. Do, do, do. Never sit.

But is that the best way? What about the critical aspect of soaking in truth at the feet of my Master, hanging on every word? Single-minded, undistracted. Just savoring.

It doesn’t come naturally for me, that’s for sure. Maybe that’s why it’s called a spiritual discipline. 

But I want to crave slow. I want to take time to notice, to enjoy.

To remember.


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