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You guys!

I’ve been waiting WEEKS to share this news with you. Months, even!

Five Minute Friday is MOVING! 


five minute friday


That’s right!

We have a brand new home, dedicated solely to the Five Minute Friday community.

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five minute friday



This will be the last week that a regular FMF link-up is hosted here on this site. And yes, I will be moving with you!

Starting next week, head over to www.fiveminutefriday.com to find the newest link-up! 

My prayer is that our new FMF home will become a haven for the Christian writing community to be encouraged and equipped.

In addition to the regular weekly link-up, we’ll be sharing articles, resources, and courses related to the Christian writing life.

I’ll also be offering one-on-one consultations to anyone who is seeking direction, guidance, or advice for their writing journey. I have many more plans in mind and can’t wait to see how God leads our growing community!

By popular request, I’ve also created a brand new FMF Facebook group! Click here for instructions on how to join.

on being a writerAnd just to add to the fun, I’m throwing in a giveaway for anyone who wants to help spread the news! I’ll be giving away two copies of On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig.

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1. Visit this post over at the new Five Minute Friday website.

2. Share the news about the new FMF on at least one social media platform.

3. Leave a comment on this post on the new site for every share that you publish. For example, leave one comment if you shared on Facebook, a separate comment for sharing on Instagram, a third comment for Twitter, and a fourth for Pinterest.

4. You’re welcome to enter as many times as you like, but each comment must represent a genuine share on social media (or to your email subscribers).

Giveaway ends Monday, June 5th. Winners must have a U.S. mailing address to be eligible to win. 


This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:




When my husband first suggested a dedicated Five Minute Friday site, I brushed off his idea. I didn’t like the thought of change, of all the effort required, of moving.

But then I started to catch a vision for all that Five Minute Friday could become if we had our very own space dedicated to this beautiful community of writers. One of my greatest passions is to encourage and equip Christian writers, and I couldn’t think of a better way at this stage of my life than to expand the offering of FMF beyond the weekly link-up, Twitter party, and Facebook page.

I hope you’ll do more than just visit the new site.

I hope you’ll settle in there like it’s your home away from home.

As we continue to add content and resources, I hope you’ll find help and motivation and inspiration to grow in your identity as a writer, to use your gifts for God’s glory, to push deeper into your calling, and to explore new heights with His help.

I hope you’ll make new friends, meet old ones, and invite more. I hope you’ll stand on the welcome mat with me and herd people in with a cup of hot tea waiting in your hand.

I hope you’ll sit on the front porch for a while and sway back and forth on the creaky porch swing, and just breathe in the fresh air of God’s goodness in your life.

I hope you’ll listen to new voices and learn to find your own.




As excited as I am about the new Five Minute Friday site, when my timer went off, I actually got sentimental realizing that this is the last FMF prompt I’ll write at katemotaung.com. And yet, I know God has new things in store for this site as well, as we turn the page into a new chapter and refine our focus.

Here’s to new beginnings, friends! (And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!)

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It’s Five Minute Friday time!

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This week’s FMF prompt is:



Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO.


Some people don’t think it matters much. Others disagree.

Some think it’s subjective. Others die for it.

In writing a memoir, one’s perception of truth can become a slippery slope or even a stumbling block if and when it differs from another. The question arises, “Whose truth is true? Yours or mine?”

In moments like these, when faded and tarnished memories leave question marks hanging in the air, I’m even more grateful that truth has come, and is still coming again.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” ~ Jesus, John 14:6




I guess I’m running short on steam this week, but thrilled you’re here nonetheless, and hope you can also join us for the upcoming Five Minute Friday Retreat in Kansas City, July 21-23!

More info and registration here. Deadline to register is June 1st.


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Welcome to another round of Five Minute Friday!

If it’s your first time, an extra special welcome to you! We always love meeting new friends.

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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:





I didn’t expect to make this word the prompt this week, but I received two requests from people regarding projects that both related to the same thing: motherhood. Interestingly, both projects are reflecting on the issue of the identity of a mother. And of course, with Mother’s Day happening this weekend, I figured I might as well tie it all together in a pretty bow.

Since I love supporting fellow writers and artists, I’m thrilled to be able to share links to these two projects with you:

MomThe first is a brand new book by Five Minute Friday community member Shauna Blaak.

It’s called, Identity: Finding the Proverbs 31 Woman in the Middle of Kid Chaos.

On her website, Shauna writes, “Are you stuck in kid chaos? Do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and ask yourself, ‘Who is that person?’

Are you wading through mountains of laundry and diapers and realizing that somewhere, somehow, you’ve gotten lost in the mess?

Or perhaps your kids are older now, a little more independent and a whole lot more opinionated, and you ask yourself, “Who am I now?”

My friend, this book is for you!

The Proverbs 31 Woman… You don’t have to hate her anymore. You don’t even have to compete with her. This creative and interactive study into IDENTITY and finding out WHO GOD SAYS WE ARE will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

Join us on an exciting journey of making friends with the Proverbs 31 Woman and find yourself in the unconditional love of a Good Father!

You’ll love this book on your own, but you’ll love it even more when you do it together with friends. Perfect for Mommy groups and Ladies Bible Studies.” 

Sounds like a good one, hey? Congratulations, Shauna!




The second project is called Define: Mother. And yes, if you click through, you’ll notice that most of the text is in German; just click on a specific blog post and scroll down for English. Sophie Kroher is a storytelling photographer and good friend of FMF community member Katha Von Dessien (who just signed a book contract, by the way!).

Here’s more about Sophie and Define: Mother … 

In 2014 our first son was stillborn. The most hurtful thing I’ve ever heard in my life, shortly after that, was: “You will be a mama one day, too.” Well, I wasn’t one?

What makes a woman a mother? To raise a child? To hold a child? To give birth to a child? To grow a child? To conceive a child? To hope for a child? To love a child? Define: mother.

Define: mother” is a project that asks those questions without expecting the one answer. It is a forum for women who are wondering about their own motherhood and tell us about their wanderings on this path.

And here’s a snippet of one moving post

“In 2014 our first son was born way too early, completely unexpected and unaccountable. He could not survive. I believe that everything inside of me was torn apart in this moment. In the first weeks after his birth I didn’t leave the house. Now I know that the reason for this was fear and shame. Fear and shame to meet people I know and needing to explain something to them, explain myself, explain my “failure”. Fear and shame that people I did not know wouldn’t see me – couldn’t see me – the way I saw myself, as a mother. The most hurtful thing someone said to me during those weeks was “You will be a mama someday!” I’m glad I don’t remember who said that. But it affected me deeply and it was wrong. I was a mama!

A mother is a woman who allows her identity to be inexplicably molded by the love of a child. Allowing this always inherits a deep pain – when this child is not, is not anymore. When you have to let go. Every mother has to let go, sooner or later, again and again. Like a butterfly.

A mother also is a woman in a constant process of becoming, of finding this identity, her identity, all over again. And again. Yes, like a butterfly.” 

Click through to read more and to view the beautiful photographs in Define: Mother.


And now, we write.

Setting my timer for five minutes, and let’s …


For the past six years, inevitably somewhere around mid- to late-April, I cringe at least once a day when I check my email or walk into a store. I can’t escape it.

Mother’s Day

It comes at me from the unlikeliest of places — oil change specials, pizza deals, insurance plans. Everybody has to mention it.

I avert my eyes, scroll past the subject line, walk faster past that display.

I click delete, but it’s not enough to delete the pain.

This will be the sixth Mother’s Day without my mom.

For perhaps the first time, I’m finally at a place where I’m learning to peak through the closed curtains of my heart. It’s time to stop dwelling inwardly and start looking out.

I lift my chin and tilt my head, and I see others whose wounds are fresher than mine. I see those whose scars have a slightly different shape.

I see that I’m not the only one.




To all the women out there who are aching this weekend, may you sense the Lord’s nearness and peace. 



Don’t forget!

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Five Minute Friday Retreat

is June 1st!

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It’s Five Minute Friday time!

If you’re new, welcome! Learn more about us right over here.

And if you haven’t heard, the deadline for the 2017 Five Minute Friday Retreat is less than one month away!

I’m so excited be able to share more info about the weekend, including the schedule, our speakers, and our sponsor!



July 21-23, 2017

Kansas City, MO

20 minutes from Kansas City airport

Ticket Price: $185


Deadline to Register: June 1st, 2017

Check-in time: 4pm CST Friday

Check-out time: 10am CST Sunday

Ticket price includes two nights of hotel-style accommodation plus all meals except Saturday dinner.

We’ll be going out for dinner on Saturday evening and you will pay for your own meal choice.

For accommodation, you will have your own double bed and will share a room with one other retreat attendee.

While we love and appreciate the men who participate in Five Minute Friday,

the retreat is open to women only. Sorry, guys!




4:00pm Arrival and Registration
5:00pm Ice Breakers / Introductions 
6:00pm Dinner at retreat center
7:30pm Official welcome and devotional / Structured discussion
8:00pm Five minute free write and/or Open mic opportunity?
9:00pm Day visitors leave


8:00am Breakfast and cleanup
9:00am Morning devotional/Structured discussion
11:00am TBA
12:00 pm Lunch at Retreat Center
1:30pm Video call with Craving Connection contributors
2:30pm Short break / Snack / Tea and coffee time
3:30pm Fistbump Media video call
5:00pm Day visitors leave
5:30pm Dinner at Spin Pizza
7:30pm Craft/Games/Activity/Dance party/Chill/Chat


7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Worship & prayer
9:00am Pack & clean
10:00am Depart


We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to video chat

with two Craving Connection contributors!

Craving Connection

On Saturday afternoon, we’re so excited to chat with

Kris Camealy & Denise Hughes!


As a sequin-wearing, homeschooling mother of four, Kris is passionate about Jesus, people, words, and food. She’s been known to take gratuitous pictures of her culinary creations, causing mouths to water all across Instagram. Once upon a time, she ran 10 miles for Compassion International, a ministry for which she serves as an advocate.

Kris is the author of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting and Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement, and the follow up Companion Workbook. She has contributed to numerous other books, is the host of Refine {the retreat} and the founder and Executive editor of GraceTable.org. In her free time, she writes at kriscamealy.com.




As an English professor, Denise loves the world of words, where life and literature connect, but she’s most passionate about the one Book with living words—the Word of God. She’s the author of the Word Writers Bible study series and also the Editorial Coordinator for (in)courage by DaySpring.

Denise lives with her husband and three kids in Southern California, where she reads three things every day—the Bible, NFL.COM, and PACKERS.COMsometimes, in that order. You can connect with her at www.denisejhughes.com and on Instagram: @DeniseJHughes.




Shout-out to Dan King at Fistbump Media for sponsoring the FMF Retreat!

Fistbump Media offers amazing services to writers and bloggers, including:

Website hosting and maintenance

Blog design

Self-publishing support


… and more!

Dan will be video chatting with us at the retreat, AND …

Every attendee will get a FREE one-on-one consultation with Dan to discuss whatever you want to talk about relating to your own blog design, self-publishing goals, etc.!

Thanks, Fistbump Media!

fistbump media


We have a fabulous Retreat Planning Committee once again! 

Special thanks to Holly Barrett, Mary Geisen, Jen Lamos, and Christina Hubbard

This retreat would not happen without their time and input!

So … what are you waiting for?? 

Click here to fill out a registration form, then come back to submit your payment

via the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the page.

Confirm your registration by clicking “Pay Now” to submit your ticket payment of $185. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kate<at>katemotaung<dot>com.



This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: 




Setting my timer for five minutes, and … GO. 


It hit me as soon as I thought, “I should post on Instagram more often.”

Then a second thought, close on its tail: “Says who?”

I haven’t always stayed perfect with this one, but I’ve tried to keep it my online motto as much as possible:

My blog is not the boss of me. 

There’s no shortage of tips and advice about what we should be doing if we want this or that, if we want to achieve this goal or hit that target or gain those followers. But, really — says who?

I get so easily entangled by what other people think that suddenly I’m all tied up in self-made rules and self-imposed standards and I can’t even figure out where the ropes came from or why my hands are behind my back.

So now, when I find myself using the “should” word, I try to hold out my hands, palms up, and ask if this “should” is from above, or somewhere else. And then I decide if it’s really a genuine should or a lookalike.





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