defining home in 31 days

Welcome to my first attempt at linking up with The Nester’s 31 Day Writing Challenge.

Every day in October 2013, I posted on the topic:



I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and most of all, I hope it will be a blessing and an encouragement to you.

Click the titles below to read each post.

Thanks for reading … hope you enjoy!


Preface & Disclaimer


Day 1 ::  Defining Home

Day 2 ::  My Personal Definition

Day 3  ::  Heading Home

Day 4  ::  In Which I Deviate From the Plan

Day 5  ::  The House that Built Me

Day 6 :: A Place Prepared


Day 7  ::  The Pursuit of Home, Part 1

Day 8  ::  The Pursuit of Home, Part 2

Day 9  ::  Moving Day

Day 10  ::  Ten Moves in Ten Years

Day 11  ::  When You Wish You Had What They Have

Day 12  ::  Where I Belong

Day 13  ::  Eternal Houses & Heavenly Dwellings


Day 14  ::  Why I Hate Airports

Day 15  ::  Homesick for Heaven

Day 16  ::  When You Want to Go Home

Day 17  ::  Where the Heart Is

Day 18  ::  Attitudes and Accents

Day 19  ::  Comfortable

Day 20  ::  Longing for a Better Country


Day 21  ::  When Home is Not the Same

Day 22  ::  Hungering for Home

Day 23  ::  The Open Door Policy

Day 24  ::  The Greatest Compliment

Day 25  ::  When Home Hurts

Day 26  ::  The Pathway Home

Day 27  ::  Let Her Stay

Day 28  ::  The Trip of a Lifetime

Day 29  ::  Heaven Is …

Day 30  ::  Walking with a Wider Lens

Day 31  ::  Home Sweet Home

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8 thoughts on “defining home in 31 days

  1. Bronwyn – This is AMAZING. I absolutely love the way you’ve laid out this series and it flows like a wonderful table of contents to an ebook. Has that been your intention? Just love it.

    • Thanks, Adriel. That means a lot. I have toyed with the idea of turning it into an e-book, but to be honest, wouldn’t really know where to start. Thanks for stopping by … I hope what you have read has been a blessing and an encouragement to you. (P.S. My friend Bronwyn did a guest post for me on Day 17.) 😉

  2. Kate, those are amazing prompt words! When I first heard of the challenge I thought no way, I am in the middle of state board examinations. But then I read your words and they fit so perfectly to the life of Third Culture Kids (TCKs)! Well, now I am here, bravely attempting to write 31 little challenges and joys of this lifestyle and already got some guest bloggers along the way. South Africa will be heavily featured, yeah! So glad to connect!

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