31 days of life in south africa

It’s time for 31 Days!

Every October, The Nester hosts a mega link-up for bloggers worldwide who are slightly out of their mind or maybe just a little overambitious — namely, those who decide to write 31 blog posts in 31 days.

Last year was my first time joining in, and I wrote on Defining Home in 31 Days.  Those posts can be found here.

This year I’m adding a new twist. 

As the new host of Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, I’m issuing a challenge to writers to write 31 blog posts, five minutes at a time.

It’s like a month-long Five Minute Friday!

Those who are playing along will link up on a different page on September 30th so we can visit their blogs throughout October and share some comment love.

Participants of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes have the option to choose their own theme, use the prompts I’ve listed below, or some combination of the two.

This year I’ll be writing each of my posts in five minutes on the theme:

31 Days - 2014 logo

For those who like to plan ahead, here’s the road map:

Moving to Africa  {Day 1 :: Move} 
My First Glimpse {Day 2 :: View}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 3 :: New}
Learning to Drive {Day 4 :: Learn}
Coasting Downhill {Day 5 :: Stuck}
Africa: How Cold Can It Get?  {Day 6 :: Know}
Sending and Being Sent {Day 7 :: Go}
Lost in Translation {Day 8 :: Say}
A South African Wedding {Day 9 :: Join}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 10 :: Care}
You’ll Just Have to Learn {Day 11 :: Teach}
Rest is Good {Day 12 :: Rest}
Dear Zola {Day 13 :: Work}
Gone {Day 14 :: Away}
A Birth Story {Day 15 :: Life}
Parenting Across Cultures {Day 16 :: Adjust}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 17 :: Long}
When a Kitchen Unites Cultures {Day 18 :: Taste}
When a Leader is Honored {Day 19 :: Honor}
A Break-in {Day 20 :: Fear}
Stolen {Day 21 :: Second}
Beauty in the Unexpected – A Guest Post {Day 22 :: Expect}
Searching for the Key {Day 23 :: Look}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 24 :: Dare}
Just Enjoy It {Day 25 :: Enjoy}
Top Ten to Visit in Cape Town {Day 26 :: Visit}
A Little Bit Like Me? – A Guest Post {Day 27 :: Free}
A Tswana Funeral {Day 28 :: Wake}
The African Wedding {Day 29 :: Unite}
My First Hike Up Table Mountain {Day 30 :: First}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 31 :: Leave}

If you’re joining the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes bandwagon please link up your introductory post over here! (Link-up ended October 31st, 2014)



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66 thoughts on “31 days of life in south africa

  1. THIS might be the perfect way for me to get back into writing. I keep “trying” to write. But since my 31days in 2012, I haven’t blogged very much (at all). I’m out of practice. I don’t know what to say. THIS would limit my perfectionism. My wanderings. My craziness. And, as a mom of 5 kids (3 homeschooled, one being potty-trained, one ready to learn to drive), I think I should be able to find 5 minutes to write and 5 minutes to post. Right? RIGHT?

  2. I love this! I have been praying about whether I was doing this again this year and I felt like I couldn’t really devote a lot of time to it – but a Five Minute Post? That I can do! I love it! I hope to play along!

  3. I love this idea! I actually forgot about the 31 days of writing this year. I planned for it last year, but realized I was adding that “one more thing” and stressing myself out long before October. But maybe this year… 🙂

  4. I’ve been thinking about it and I’m going to do it. Blogging has been a big question mark for me as I’m writing my first book, but I can do 5 minutes a day (with edits) – it’s like a shot of espresso to get my writing juices going. Thanks for the opportunity.
    My theme (in line with the book) will be 31 Days of Connecting. I’ll get my button one of these days… 🙂

  5. Ok, I’m in. Of course, I can’t find the original post you did last Thursday night where you mentioned something about needing a button…or was I dreaming? I’ve already made up a schedule ahead of time for my topic (31 Days of Comfort for Caregivers), with no topics for Fridays so I can do the FMF thing still ;). But, yeah, the button thing?

  6. I love this! I did this exact thing last year for my first 31 Days, just in my journal since I do not blog. But, this year I do not have to come up with the words. Thank you!

    • Hi Kristin! So thrilled that you’re planning to link up with us! I would be more than happy to create a button for people to use on their own blogs. I should clarify, though, that I’ve been chatting with The Nester who hosts 31 Days and she explained that if a bunch of people linked up on the actual Write 31 Days site with the same button or even the same topic, their links would look like duplicates and would likely get deleted. Does that make sense? So, if you would like a button to use on your blog, but not necessarily to use for linking up on the Write 31 Days site, I could definitely do that! Let me know if you have questions .. Kind of confusing, I know .. 🙂

  7. This is such a fabulous idea! I’ve been wracking my brain the past couple of days trying to figure out what topic to focus on this year for 31 days. I fizzled out after only 12 days last year and told myself, “never again!” But here I am wanting to give it another shot. I’ve only participated in FMF a handful of times, but have always felt my most transparent writing comes out of that. Anyway, I think I might try this! Now to figure out a theme…

  8. This sounds awesome! Like many who have commented, I’ve let my blog fall through the cracks lately. As a college student, I get so busy bit writing is too important to neglect. Five minutes is just what I need to get back on track 🙂 I love sharing God’s work in my life with others, and this is another great way to do so.

  9. Kate, those are amazing prompt words! When I first heard of the challenge I thought no way, I am in the middle of state board examinations. But then I read your words and they fit so perfectly to the life of Third Culture Kids (TCKs)! Well, now I am here, bravely attempting to write 31 little challenges and joys of this lifestyle and already got some guest bloggers along the way. South Africa will be heavily featured, yeah! So glad to connect!

  10. […] If you’ve followed for some time you’ve seen the Five Minute Friday’s where bloggers and people from all over join together and write on a certain given topic for 5 minutes every Friday. This is similar. 5 minutes of writing on specific words- every day for 31 days. You can check it out here. […]

  11. […] 5. And last but certainly not least, Kate’s series, 31 Days in South Africa. She shares many beautiful stories, all written in 5 minutes, from her years spent in South Africa. Kate is the gracious host of Five Minute Fridays, so I knew her before the challenge. But her posts this month spoke to my heart. Plus, she had the brilliant idea of hosting the 31 days of 5 minute free writes, which made the challenge easier for all of us who participated (me included). Check it out here. […]

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