In the aftermaths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the way they sandwiched President Trump’s declaration on DACA (the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals), a common thread kept weaving its way through my mind.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been pondering home for the past few years as the primary theme in my forthcoming memoir — but I couldn’t help but think about how those directly affected by the hurricanes and the DACA decision have much in common.

They’ve either been displaced, or fear displacement. They long for a safe, established home.

But are they the only ones affected?

As an American citizen currently living in Michigan, I could say that I wasn’t affected by any of the above-mentioned events. But would that really be true?




In an article on, I share a few thoughts on what hurricanes and DACA teach us about the body of Christ.

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In short, we must remember that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we are all members of one body. If one member is affected, the whole body is affected.

Secondly, I was so encouraged to see the way that tragedy united the church. People came together. They helped. They served. They rescued.

And finally, let’s not forget that we’re all foreigners here. We are all displaced. We’re all just passing through on our way to our final destination.

With one storm or presidential pronouncement, our homes could be snatched away.

In the span of my lifetime so far, I’ve lost several homes—to divorce, a landlord’s decision to sell our rental property, a foreclosure, a parent’s death. I didn’t see any one of those circumstances coming. Nothing is certain in this life except God’s character and the promises found in His Word.

So while we mourn with those who mourn over losing homes and we do all that we can to help them rebuild and restore lost or damaged property, while we labor to love and support those affected by DACA, let’s not forget that we can’t take anything with us when it’s time to go. Let’s not forget that physical houses and material possessions are all temporary.

What a wonderful opportunity to direct conversation toward eternity and the life to come.


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One thought on “how the recent hurricanes and DACA decision affect all of us

  1. Yes Kate it is truly a sad situation. Yes, we are all foreigners here and displaced as believers our home is heavenward. Yes, one horrendous act of God in the form of a hurricane could take our homes. But I guess my take is a little different on DACA. (I’ll admit now, that I haven’t explored it in depth, I have looked over a couple of articles but I’m trying to avoid political and drama for a time. The cat-fighting and ugliness from both sides is just more than I can bear right now).

    We are a nation built on immigrants yes. Legal immigrants that entered this country following laws and guidelines. I am sad that the children of those that entered illegally are suffering from the sin of their parents, but what their parents did was wrong. Obama’s solution was not a solution, he overstepped the bounds of his authority. This situation needs to be resolved. How? I don’t know and I’m glad that I’m not responsible to figure it out. I know that rules and laws are necessary for the well being of everyone in our nation. And many of the current ones are very convoluted. One presidential pronouncement will not find children of illegals homeless, (many adults now) or deported. Full implementation has been delayed for 6 months so a better solution can be found. Trump has no desire to separate families. And even if that wasn’t so, I know that getting someone evicted is an event that can take months or even years and a lot of money. I seriously doubt the government could work faster in this situation. This problem needs to dealt with, it’s not gonna be pretty. Dealing with sin never is. The current administration is attempting to deal with it. I can’t imagine that there is an easy solution. It involves the lives of people, it can’t be. I only pray that all parties can keep their heads and work together to get it figured out without hate or violence.

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