This week it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome KraftyKash to Five Minute Friday.

If you don’t own a piece of KraftyKash jewelry yet, now is the time to change that! I adore all of her products — the dictionary word and Bible verse necklaces, the map necklaces, the keychains — everything.

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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: 



Here’s Kashoan from KraftyKash to share her five minute free write with us: 

When I decided on the word embrace for 2017, it never crossed my mind that my 17 yr old daughter, Korby, would help me understand the meaning of the word.

This kid of mine does not care what she looks like in a photo. She wants to remember things exactly how they are happening at that very moment. Silly faces, eyes closed, messy hair, burger in your mouth, it doesn’t matter. She takes a photo to document whatever it is that we are doing.

This crazy burger photo was completely her idea. I have never laughed so hard! It will forever be one of my favorite memories.



That is the message that I took away from my 17 yr old daughter, Korby. I love being her Mom.

In case you were wondering… the burgers were delicious.





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Krafty Kash map


Thank you, Kashoan, for your generous support of the Five Minute Friday community!


It’s your turn! Share your own five minutes on the word, EMBRACE, below! 

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24 thoughts on “five minute friday :: embrace {with special guest krafty kash}

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  3. Kashoan and Kate…what a fun party last night! I ordered a necklace and a bead! I don’t think anyone else has my one-word so this one will stay with me!!!! Rock on, FMF and KK!

  4. Love the two necklaces I have from Krafty Kash, and I love even more to meet your daughter in this post! I actually didn’t know you had kids!? So…embrace the day! Embrace the bodacious burgers! Love this.
    Jenn Cook

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