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In other news, did you hear that our dear Katie Reid had her baby?




Praise God for a safe delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby girl! May she GROW to be a strong woman of faith, and may she do great things for the kingdom of God!

If you’d like to congratulate Katie, you can send her a tweet @Katie_M_Reid, or visit her site at KatieMReid.com!


This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:





Ready? GO.

“Mom, LOOK! Everything is so GREEN!”

He sees it, too. The slow and sudden change of everything all around us. It crept up on us and then one day we blinked, and it was there.

All the green, everywhere.

It’s enough to take my breath away, after months of brown and grey and melting, muddy snow.

I pause to take it all in, and it bolsters my faith, right then and there, standing with the minivan door still open.

It’s the sign of life.

I see the grass, the bushes, the budding trees – and I see hope.

Hope in a God who makes all things grow

I stop and let my gaze stretch across the blades of His glory, the branches of His faithfulness, the stems of His promise.

As Paul said to the Corinthians, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

God has been making it grow.

It’s a miracle, isn’t it?

How he not only has power to make the grass and flowers grow day after day, year after year, but He has power to make you and me grow, too.


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26 thoughts on “five minute friday :: grow

  1. Kate, you penned a conversation, I had with a new friend this week, in this post about springtime and GROWth. Isn’t it lovely outside! He is such a good, good Father!

  2. Beautiful, Kate! I’ve been having my eyes opened to the same thing: I love this time of year…a reminder that things are growing even when we can’t see them…and then suddenly the green arrives. Hope. Holding onto that for the book I’ve just released.

  3. I like your take on the theme, Kate! I was walking through the neighborhood yesterday, wondering at all the crab apple trees, in full blossom. I noticed things starting to green, but somewhere between then and now, they’ve come into full bloom. How wonderful that the same God who causes that growth is also causing ours.

  4. Yes! So much yes! He has the power to bring us back from the dead and He grows us continually. LOVE this! Your writing is beautiful, evokes such imagery! By the time I sit down to write – for five minutes – I find my brain so scrambled by the kids that all I feel I do is ramble. But there is hope! Practice 😀 Thanks for this!

  5. Kate,
    and there you go referencing a previous prompt and bringing new joy all over again! “Green” was one of my favorites for sure. (And mostly because it’s my favorite color, and I think it’s yours as well?)
    SO much beauty and life right now. Where we fix our eyes…yes.
    Wishing we could take an evening stroll together.
    If not in America, at least in Heaven. 😀
    (dancing the Mambo #9 this week)

  6. I too am amazed at how the time speed by and His grace and love in growing us. Thanks for the inspiration. I featured your link up on Literacy Musing Mondays too. 😉

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