Change is a gift


I homeschooled my three kids for five years straight. Like any endeavor, it had its pros and cons, but overall, homeschooling fit our family well.

Then God opened the door for my kids to attend a small Christian school.

In the weeks before their first day, we ambled through store aisles, armed with much excitement and three separate school supply lists. At home, they eagerly scrawled their names with black Sharpies across each glue stick, crayon box and pair of scissors.

They were ready.

The first day of school arrived, and a mix of emotions swirled with the acid in my stomach. I saw them to their lockers, made sure they had everything they needed, and kissed them goodbye.

Then I drove away in an empty minivan. Alone.

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2 thoughts on “on seeing change as a gift

  1. Going over to Ungrind now…but while change is a gift, I would far prefer large-denomination bills, well-used, with nonconsecutive serial numbers.

    Yes, I have a weird sense of humour, Kate.

    And you are always in my prayers. I admire you more than I think you will ever know.

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