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Okay, now it’s time to write! Let’s go …

Some of us are recent grads or still in college, and we feel like we have all the time in the world to live life full, chase goals and dreams, explore and adventure.

Some of us recently retired and are wondering what to do with all this extra time on our hands.

Some of us are chasing toddlers, changing diapers, wiping up endless cups of spilled milk, and the days pass ever so slow and we wonder if this chapter will ever end.

Some of us are hanging on by a thread, living on borrowed time.

We hear it in the news every day, how this celebrity died last night, and that teenager was killed in a car accident, and it sobers us.

It opens our eyes to see that really, we’re all living on borrowed time.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, or if there will be a tomorrow.

We make grand assumptions and put things off, thinking we’ll do it later. But it doesn’t take long for life to turn upside down, and the plans fly everywhere, loose papers in the wind.

So we seize the day, and heed the words that time waits for no one.

And we put our hands to the plough and push forward, praying that God would get the glory for our every breath until He deems that exhale our last.

It may be today; it may be tomorrow. It may be forty years from now, or twelve, or five. But with whatever time we have left, may we praise our Creator, in whom we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

The time He gives is a gift — and the measureless time ahead in His presence will only be better.


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42 thoughts on “five minute friday :: time

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  2. Beautiful, Kate. As I read your post, I thought about a clip I saw of Jimmy Fallon talking about David Bowie, after his death was announced. I could see him trying to think of something funny to say, but there was nothing. He confessed as much, and the emotions that passed on his face seemed to remind him that we don’t know the number of our days. I love where you took this. We spend our days well when we worship God. When we give Him praise. This is always time well-spent.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Jeanne! Makes me think about how blessed we are as believers to have the anchor of hope to cling to; no matter what, we don’t grieve as unbelievers, who have no hope. Our days are numbered here, but won’t be in heaven. 🙂

  3. What beautiful words, Kate! I love this, “And we put our hands to the plough and push forward, praying that God would get the glory for our every breath until He deems that exhale our last.” That is the dream, that someone can see Him moving through me. See Him instead of me. I pray that we all realize that our time is borrowed and that it can run out at any moment without warning.

  4. Since I’ve started working here, I really, really understand how much of a gift time is. Life is so fleeting for my students (3-5 student loose family members EVERY year). We have them for so little time–so little time to show them Jesus and hope that they remember him in their times of need.

  5. Kate-Lovely time post! I hope we all cherish the moments of our days whatever they hold. We all definitely have different journeys to jaunt. I pray you continue to heal in your head! Stitches out yet? I am off to help our brood get ready for the school day! <3 jenn

  6. Retired with time on our hands. LOL! I am busier than when I worked and had two kids at home in sports. My time is spent in on-line Bible study, blogging, substitute teaching and keeping two grandsons. I’m ready to go back to work full-time. God can use us in all seasons.

    • Thanks for that correction, Debbie! I have heard that from many retired people — they feel busier than they were before! Praise God that He is indeed faithful to use us in all seasons. Keep serving well, to His glory!

  7. So true, Kate…we do live on borrowed time. I want to spend it praising Him, leaning into His arms and lifting my own upwards as I share of His Love, my fingers setting letters to a page to His Glory. Thank you for your encouragement in the Lord.

    BTW how are you doing? Recovering okay?

    • Doing better — thanks for asking, Anna! Still some post-concussion dizziness and nausea, but I got the staples out, so that’s good! 🙂 Blessings on your weekend — thank you for being here!

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  10. Kate,
    what a gift your post was to me. Highlighting the days where we feel we have too much time or not enough, you really shared the importance of valuing time. Choosing to be present instead of preoccupied. Thank you for pouring out your wisdom, and for taking the time to comment and read. You make me feel valuable.
    (not linked yet but I’m sure I’ll be in the 60s or 70s when I do)

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  12. Kate, I’m a little late in linking up as it was TIME to take our Hannah to Liberty and get her settled into her dorm and her new normal! The word was custom picked for me this week! Thanks!!!

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