Welcome to a brand new edition of Five Minute Friday!

This week happens to be a momentous week — not only are we LIVE from the Five Minute Friday Retreat in Nashville, but also …

It’s my one-year anniversary serving as host of Five Minute Friday!

I actually got a little choked up re-reading my post from last year at this time … mostly because I’m still a little sad that Lisa-Jo passed the torch!

The reflections I tapped out in five minutes a year ago still remain true today.

Here’s a repeat of my first week hosting Five Minute Friday, in honor of a year’s worth of FMF posts:



She left her shoes behind.

I tried them on, and I felt small.

Something didn’t feel quite right.  I was afraid someone might see me wearing them and say, “Hey, those aren’t yours!” and ask, “Why are you wearing her shoes?”

And besides, she left the imprint of her soul on the insoles, so I slip them off, and decide rather to set them reverently next to the door.

The door she left open on purpose so I could follow.  So you could follow.

And it feels right to stand barefoot, for this is holy ground.

And I know she’s running barefoot and carefree now, sand under her feet, daring the waves to crash hard enough to lick her toes, and she laughs and rests easy.  She’s glancing behind to see if we’re going to follow, but her heart already knows that we will.

Maybe not wearing her shoes, but we look at them as we pass through the threshold of the open door, and we remember how she taught us to walk.  How she taught us to run with abandon, to cast off the chains bound around our swollen ankles, to skip through the orchards of cherry blossoms and spin on this hallowed patch of earth.

So we step through and see the gap ahead, the crevice between here and there, and we kneel. Together.  And plank by plank, word by word, we build the bridge.



Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have stuck around this past year.

You’ve built the bridge.

And I’m so privileged to be standing on it with you, carving my initials right next to yours.


This week we’re writing on:



A Post on Anniversaries, Anxiety and an Anchor

Four years ago this weekend, I stood trembling in my mom’s Hospice room, fingertips fiddling with the comforter on her twin bed, tears and snot dripping shamelessly down my face, unwiped.

It was the final goodbye.

I left her there, in the Hospice House.

I walked down the sterile corridor, pushed my way into a bathroom stall and vomited my grief into the toilet.

Then I flew to South Africa. She died six weeks later.


One year ago this weekend, I sat eating homemade ice cream cake from my sister, fiddling with the comforter on my queen-sized bed, praying like crazy that my first week hosting Five Minute Friday wouldn’t fall flat on its face.

I wrote about how she left her shoes behind. The ones that couldn’t be filled. I knew I couldn’t take her place, and I didn’t dare try.


This weekend, I sit in an unfamiliar house in Nashville, anxiously awaiting the arrival of 21 women from all over the country (and let’s not forget the one from Canada). We gather for the first time in real life, and I can hardly wait.


I never thought I’d be here.

Four years ago, I didn’t see this coming.

I barely had a blog.

But God.

He had a plan.

And He carried me through the valley of the shadow of death, beside the quiet waters, into green pastures.

He restored my soul.



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More details and registration coming soon, but here’s a glimpse at what we’ll be covering:


On Being a Writer Online Discussion Group


Go ahead and snag a copy of the book so you can read ahead.

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I’m looking forward to some great conversation around these thought-provoking topics found in the book!


Now it’s your turn! Share your own five minutes of free writing on the prompt, HERE, below — and don’t forget to visit and comment on your link-up neighbor’s post!


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36 thoughts on “five minute friday :: here {one-year anniversary post}

  1. Beautiful words, my friend! I’m so glad to sort of kind of ‘meet’ you tonight in the video ;). And I so wish I could be there with ya’ll, but I know I’m here for a reason. I totally understand the tears and snot and vomit–I’ve done a lot of that this year. May God continue to place you where he needs you and may you always find the grace notes in the place he has you!

  2. Wow Kate.
    This was touching in so many levels. I loved thinking of us racing barefoot together! Although I’m a half year late to your #fmfparty, I’m so thankful to be a part of it. It’s like a date with God every week, only it’s one of those fun group dates where we all join in!
    As you continue to yield, God is using you in a mighty way. So blessed to be a part of your journey as you share it with us!! Have a wonderful retreat.

  3. It’s so easy—when we’re unsure—to compare ourselves to those who’ve gone before us. But God . . . He’s led you in wonderful directions this past year as you’ve hosted FMF. And the retreat?! My heart hurt when I knew for sure I couldn’t come. :*( I know you all are having a wonderful time of connecting, though. 🙂

    I am so thankful that God is HERE in every moment, unconstrained by time or location. He knows what we need here, too. Every moment. Thanks for sharing your different “Here’s.” I love seeing how He shows up.

  4. You have hosted wonderfully; I look forward to being able to link up on Fridays. I am excited for you and the others in Nashville and hope to hear about those connections. Thank you for your friendliness and honesty across this huge cyberspace. People like you make me feel safe in this place, safe to encourage, to consider, to help. Safe to share. I am praying for great things to happen with y’all this weekend. Blessings!

  5. Beautiful post! So grateful for the way God works in each one of our lives. Happy Anniversary!!! It has been wonderful to join you on the linking journey. Have a wonderful retreat!

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  7. Thanks for the link up as always, Kate. I loved your post from one year ago and I loved your post for today. I can just see everything you’re writing about, it’s so vividly clear. I want to write like you when I grow up! 🙂
    Hope you all are having a blast at the retreat! I’m coming next year!!!

  8. […] fmf prompt: here. I can’t believe it’s already  Friday. I keep thinking we’re at the end of August when it’s only the beginning. Oh it’s been a long week. I miss sleep.  Hearing voices in your head that wake you up at night is disturbing. Especially when they sound like they’re crying..Satan is coming harder with the temptation and I keep falling and crying to God. […]

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