The Five Minute Friday prompt this week comes compliments of my almost ten-year-old daughter. Her first suggestion was “Imagine” — but since Lisa-Jo already used that word in the past, we’re going with the second word that came to her mind:




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First, some advice from Natalie Goldberg:

Let’s do it.


I dream in color and black and white. I dream in chocolate and sand. 

I dream in still photos and motion pictures. I dream in soundtracks and scores.

I dream of long driveways guarded by trees and houses with no need for locks.

Contagious laughter and unending smiles that span from yesterday until tomorrow.

And all the tomorrows.

I dream of newspapers running out of reality because I dream of heaven.

Gold streets and swaying Xhosa songs and a mansion with plenty of rooms.

I dream of chemotherapy becoming obsolete and ammunition production ceasing altogether.

I dream of holding hands and sitting still and rocking back and forth.

Castles on the shore and handstands in the lake, and “Watch me, Mom! Watch!”

I dream of giggles and bedtime tickles and whispers that crinkle up necks.

I dream in color and black and white. I dream in chocolate and sand.

Come. Dream a little dream with me.






This week’s FMF Video Intro is with Jeanne Takenaka.

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Now let’s get to it …


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35 thoughts on “five minute friday :: dream

  1. […] {It’s your turn on the prompt ‘dream’. Where does this word lead your imagination? You’re invited to write down your thoughts and even share them if you so desire. The major ‘rule’ is simple: Write freely for five (or five-ish) minutes without going back to edit (and yes, this is hard and quite unnatural to do…at first). Join the link-up or find more posts here.} […]

  2. Lovely – to dream in chocolate and sand… You sound like a beach person, and a kid person (I also loved the crinkled-up necks…) It was a joy to read this today! Thanks for hosting and thanks for the beautiful images. What a wonderful world it would be…

  3. Kate- Linking up late, but I’m so glad I came to read your beautiful, poetic words. They grabbed me and took me for a ride through the chocolate and the sand, to better places, and to where we can rest. Loved this! Thank you for being such an inspiration with your words and your heart. lv u

  4. […] fmf prompt: dream. I think this my dream, more than writing or someone buying drawing of mine. Though I want those, too, I think one of my dreams I just realized is to be on a bunch of authors launch teams. It’s something about supporting others that write too, that’s getting to me. That I get help in this way. But more than that, my dream is being in Jesus’ arms. […]

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