You guys! It’s the fourth Friday giveaway in October here at Heading Home, and I’m so excited about this week’s prizes, because everyone who enters is a winner!

And, it’s Allume weekend!  Welcome to all of the bloggers who are joining Five Minute Friday and writing live from Open Mic Night at Allume!  How I wish I were there with all of you!  To show you that I’m there with you in spirit, I’ve planned this particular giveaway with all of you in mind.

Those of you who have been following Five Minute Friday and my #write31days series of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes will know that I’ve been hosting a giveaway every weekend in October to celebrate the fact that Words Matter.

And Dan King of Fistbump Media is one of those people who knows that words matter.  He believes that your words matter.

He knows that most bloggers blog because they want to write — not because they love to manage technology.




If this is you, then Fistbump Media is about to become your new best friend. 🙂

Are you at Allume this weekend?  Looking to take your blog to the next level?  Looking to get away from that domain name to something a little more concise and attractive?

Fistbump Media has what you need.

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Fistbump Media

Click here to see all the awesome services offered by Fistbump Media.  They even have some super helpful, free webinars featuring Dan King and our own beloved Five Minute Friday participant, Crystal Stine, including topics like e-book publishing, e-mail subscriber management and blog redesign!

And, this weekend only, Fistbump Media is giving away some amazing services!

EVERY person who enters their e-mail address in the Rafflecopter giveaway below will receive a FREE blog migration (,, or Blogger) and the first month of hosting FREE on a basic hosting plan. 

ONE grand prize winner will be selected to receive a free blog migration, and the first SIX months of hosting free!

That’s a $95 value for everyone who signs up, and a $195 value for one winner!  Amazing, hey?  A huge thank you to Fistbump Media for offering such generous prizes!  Now is the time to take that next step and take your blog to the next level!


Five Minute Friday - 4

If you’re here for Five Minute Friday but you’re not really sure what it’s all about, you can catch the details right over here.  Basically, every Thursday night at 10pm I provide a one word prompt, and we all write on it for five minutes flat, then link up below — no over-thinking, no editing, no stressing over grammar and punctuation.


This weekend at Allume, a huge pile of bloggers are gathering in real life to write live together — how fun is that?!  The gathering is in conjunction with an Open Mic Night, and is hosted by Love Dare, who appropriately chose this prompt …
 FMF - Dare

Ready?  Set a timer for five minutes, and let’s GO.


This one is for the woman who wakes up before the sun to spend an hour crammed into a VW kombi so she can clean someone else’s house for twelve dollars a day.


Tuesday morning sunrise


It’s for the guy who rides his bike to work so he can use his petrol money for the kingdom.  It’s for the ones who take their little boy to radiation treatments every day, knowing that a tumor grows on his brain.

It’s for the ones who dare to have an array of shades on their clergy staff, because we are the Church.  This one is for the ones who adopt.

It’s for the widow who lost her husband, and still sits in the pew week after week, worshipping her good and holy God.  It’s for the refugees that were mistreated and still can’t get legal papers to be employed.  It’s for those who live quiet and productive lives, humbly serving behind the scenes and not telling everyone to stop and look.




This one is for the game changers, the ones who hang laundry on the line every day and don’t complain.  It’s for the ones who dare not conform to the pattern of this world.

This is for the ones who hear, “Come, follow me,” take up their nets, and start fishing against the tide.




Now show us what you’ve got by linking up your five minutes of writing below!  But first enter your e-mail address into the Rafflecopter giveaway to automatically win a free blog migration and your first month of hosting FREE.  Go ahead .. I dare you.  🙂

And psst … This is the only giveaway this month that is open to anyone in the world!  No need to have a U.S. postal address, you only need to be able to make payments in U.S. dollars for your continued monthly hosting with Fistbump Media.

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24 thoughts on “five minute friday and a giveaway! {day 24 :: dare}

  1. Kate, I love how you showed how people “dare” every day, by the way they prioritize their days, their money, their time, their beliefs. I love the verse that tells us not to be conformed to this world. It does take an amount of daring to live out. I appreciate the exhortation, and the passion in your thoughts!

    • I know! Dan King at Fistbump is amazing. If you ever need other services, like e-mail subscriber management or an e-book (hint, hint) 😉 I highly recommend him.

  2. The interesting thing about ‘daring’ behaviour is that it may, indeed, be the safest.

    Consider an L-shaped ambush along a trail (basically, the trail’s swept from lateral positions, and also from another position firing down the trail’s length…not a pleasant scenario).

    The normal response is to drop and become one with the dirt, but it’s at best a delay of messy death.

    The ‘daring’ alternative is to charge into the ambush, setting a ‘moving base of fire’ as one goes (preferably laterally, but down-trail if there’s no alternative). It goes against every instinct we have, but it’s precisely this fact that makes it the safest course of action, or at least the one giving the best chance of survival.

    Even the best-trained combatants, on executing an ambush, will not REALLY expect madmen to charge down the guns. Sure, it’s a scenario that drilled extensively, but the weight of fire one generally delivers on initiating the trap lends a steely confidence which is badly shaken when the intended victims, like demons in a pantomime, come roaring out of the darkness, bent on survival.

  3. I did my first Five Minute Friday yesterday. A great idea! I hope to keep it up. I have a practical question. I tried to paste the Five Minute Friday button code into my post to no effect. I then used a plugin to place a text widget in my post and put the code into that. That worked BUT the button was huge – took up the whole width of my post column. How do I get your button into my post? Should I use a text widget? Or is there another way? How do I resize the button? I tried changing the width/height numbers within the button code, but that didn’t do anything. Any help appreciated. Thank you!!

  4. Dare is a great word to use to energize your actions and to get motivated to do …something. I’ve had lots of ideas for writing, fun projects, travel plans but these thoughts never became a reality. Only when I put some move towards a goal (of sorts) and dared to take a step in that direction, would I find the thought becoming a dream come true. It’s been over a year that I talked with my neighbor about doing some scrapbooking together. We each said it would be good to do. Nothing has happened except I have more photos and more talk about it but no scrapbooks have emerged even in a haphazard way. I know it is a desire I have but without a dare to do it, there is nothing.Stop…

  5. I think when you dare to serve God it really isn’t a “dare.” Because God has it all in hands and will take you to places you never dreamed. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I know I am late but I was at Allume and finally catching up. 😉

  6. […] This post is a part of Five minute Friday, a writing flash mob that happens every week when writers are prompted by a single word to write for 5 minutes without any major editing. Just raw thoughts and emotions. You can find out more and/or join the party here. […]

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