Here are 12 ways to encourage Christian missionaries:


12 ways to encourage missionaries


1. Read their updates.  Like, actually read them.

2. Reply to their newsletters, even if it’s just one line, to say, “Thanks for the update.”

3. Pray for them.  Set aside a specific time, maybe one evening a week, that is specifically designated for praying for certain missionaries and their work.

4. If you have prayed for them, tell them.  It can be encouraging to hear, “I’ll pray for you,” but how much more so to hear, “Our family prayed for you last night,” or “Our Bible study group prayed for you at our last meeting.”

5. Send them a birthday card, care package, magazines from home, books you’ve enjoyed, treats they can’t get on the field.




6. Recommend missionary biographies that might be an encouragement to them.

7. Share snippets of spiritual food you have enjoyed — a verse that encouraged you during your quiet time, or an anecdote from a sermon that made you think of them.

8. Be willing to be a sounding board, a confidential source to whom they can vent and on whom they can rely when things are challenging.

9. Let them know it’s okay to take vacations, both on the field and on furlough.  Not only okay, but essential.

10. Give their kids grace when they’re on furlough.  The whirlwind of meetings, houses, people, services, food, conversations, adjustments, etc. etc. etc. can take a huge toll on adults and kids.

11. Listen to their stories.

12. Pray some more.

13. And an added bonus, straight from someone on the field: “Of course, the absolute cherry on the cake would be coming to visit us!”

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5 thoughts on “12 ways to encourage missionaries

  1. Good stuff! We are very well taken care of in these terms, and are so thankful. Thank you for sharing this with your community to bless and encourage missionaries around the world. I trust God will bless the efforts of those on American soil holding the ropes. The more I read your blog, the more I love it!

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